Sunday Reflections: A Week in Review ~ 8/15/21

Howdy folks, here we are again. Another week in the hopper. I’d tell ya how fast time was moving but you’re already aware I’m sure or you’re not aware because maybe time is creeping for you. Everything is relative, huh.

Today is the feast of the Assumption. If I was still a kid, we’d be loading up the station wagon and heading to Praha, Texas for the best celebration ever. First, we attended the outdoor Mass at 10 AM sharp. Which was cool because it was like going to church in our car which is what we did when vacationing at Lago Vista/Lake Travis. Something different from our usual weekly to make things interesting.

Afterwards, there’d be the meal. Plenty of stew and fried chicken with all the sides. The desserts would be lined up for miles. Of course, there’d be lots of pivo too. For the grown-ups of course. And cotton candy and snow cones. My favorite memory is turning over my ticket then being allowed to reach into the ice for a Dr. Pepper. After using the life size bottle opener (meaning it was mounted and as tall as I was), I could hardly wait to ‘pop a top’. That first swing would be nice and slushy. You can’t really get the same experience with plastic bottles just sayin. Games like fish pond and bingo and a dance to cap off the evening.

As much as I enjoyed the experience, B and I only took Pony once. He went a few other times with my mom and dad when the 15th fell during the week when B and I were working. Awwww! I miss my parents. They were so good to my boy. Lulu never had the good fortune to know her grandparents from my side or to attend.

Despite having the day free, we opted to stay put. I’d like to think without the Delta, we might take our chances to go again but nope we’d likely still stay put. As much as the pandemic changed us, it also gave us ‘permission’ to do what we prefer to do which is stay put. I’m baking a chocolate meringue pie instead because I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna learn how to make a proper meringue.

Okay roll call time. Enough nostalgia and reminiscing. Let’s go …

  1. Sunday 8/8/21- #SLS Rush Free Will
  2. Monday 8/9/21- Haiku Apple & Rot
  3. Tuesday 8/10/21 Share Your World – free therapy
  4. Wednesday 8/11/21 #1linerWeds. word choice and punctuation matter version
  5. Thursday 8/12/21 Reflections/Thoughts – Music Minded
  6. Friday 8/13/21 Book Club – The Wonder Boy of Whistle Stop I blew right past the superstitions of the day
  7. Saturday 8/14/21 #SoCS – Luck

Whew! All done.

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

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