Tidbits ~ 8/1/21

With Styx too much time on my hands, I am organizing. What a way to spend a Vacay. You do you. And I do me. And organizing is Nirvana. Smells like Teen Spirit or rose and ivy scent bulbs. Plus after having watched an episode or two of hoarders this morning, there is nothing more I’d rather do than clean up. Part of me thinks that salacious TV should come with a warning. Oh wait, come to think of it, there was a warning. Rambling on …

On my first or second day of return to office, I found my health assessment card from February 20, 2020. Because of corona, health assessments were suspended for 2021 until now. Which means on July 16, 2021, I masked it up and went to Quest Diagnostics to have my screening done. I may have already shared with you that the phlebotomist after drawing my blood said “thank you Jesus that’s over. What a tough draw!” or something to that effect. My thought bubble was pretty much “if you think it was tough for you, what about me?” I’ve officially got old lady veins that roll. Ewww.

I got the electronic results by email almost immediately. Maybe in a day or two max. And the Healthy points towards reduction of my healthcare costs were uploaded this week giving me 400 out of 500 points. And with that, the goal of 3000 points achieved! Yay me! I get the hoodie. Two actually. One from Healthy points and one from our leadership team. They’re doing “just because you are all awesome” gifts. I picked a hoodie for that too thinking I might not reach 3000. Now I wish I’d picked the Yeti wine tumbler. Rambling on …

I’m still kind of borderline healthy though. Despite passing pieces of this. I can’t ever get the BMI points. Though at 25.2, I’m closer to the requisite 24.9 than I’ve ever been. Also, I noticed some inconsistency for LDL. Is the optimum range under 130 or under 100? And what’s difference between LDL and non-HDL? Time to put my Dr Google skillz to werk.

I’m only really worried about my blood pressure. It was 128/81. 120/80 is the preferred range. They give credit for 130/85 which means I got 100 points despite being borderline. What’s nice is that from the July 16 assessment, I got a book that is called a blue print to wellness with 18 pages of recommendations on how to be healthy. Much of it common sense. All of it appreciated.

Alrighty, lemme let you go. Back to my organizing. Happy Sunday folks.

As always, more to come.

11 thoughts on “Tidbits ~ 8/1/21

  1. I’ll save you some time: HDL is “good” cholesterol, LDL is “bad” cholesterol. In other words, even if you keep your cholesterol down, you can still be too low on the good kind.

    Two hoodies: one to wear, one to wash…

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    1. Thanks John! They listed something new from last year called non-HDL which is total cholesterol minus HDL that needs to be below 130. I’m at 128. Looks like my LDL is too high at 109 should be under 100 but my HDL is good at 63.

      It’ll be nice having that extra hoodie in the rotation.

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