Sunday Reflections: A Week In Review ~ 8/1/21

A blur, a whirlwind, a blink of an eye. That was my week. I started early and stayed late, one day even going into the office, all to get into a good enough position to take the entire week off.

And I tell ya what, I’m not peeking at work stuff from my phone either. The whole thing can go to hell in a handbasket (it won’t). I’m replaceable. We all are and this work to the bone bullshit must stop! Work life balance and self care isn’t just for elite gymnasts.

I’ve always loved the Olympics. This year I’m only catching clips versus sitting there glued to the TV. I’ve seen some powerful things, nothing more moving to me than the Phillipines getting their first gold. The look on Hidilyn Diaz’s face, along with those watching in the wings, was priceless.

Ok, recap time. Mixing it up, we’ll go forward versus reverse. Oooh, that should be fun!

  1. Sunday 7/25/21 – #SLS Fast Car
  2. Monday 7/26/21 – Haiku – Gold & Swim
  3. Tuesday 7/27/21 – Share Your World
  4. Wednesday 7/28/21 – #1linerWeds. and Tidbits (we need a new roof)
  5. Thursday 7/29/21 – Thoughts of the Healthcare Insurance Variety
  6. Friday 7/30/21 – #WATWB – I love this message of the youngster teaching a lesson to us all
  7. Saturday 7/31/21 – #SoCS – most recent picture happened to be of our bumper crop

I might be around more often this week since “this is my time” said in my Ray Walston playing Mr. Hand voice over voice. I get to do what I wanna do when I wanna do it.

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

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