Thursday Thoughts ~ 7/29/21

I took off a day last week, in part because I needed a break but also to catch up on things. The proverbial ‘to-do’ list was burgeoning. I still have a lot going on but I’m better y’all. And, I plan to stay that way.

Besides dropping off my vehicle for repairs (at a new place) sorry old place, I reconciled all the bills from my recent medical services. I tried to be mellow but oy vey. What a freaking racket.

I needed anesthesia. There was a doctor for that purpose who flew into the room all clipboard in hand, asked questions but appeared not to care enough to wait for answers. I don’t think he did anything but he still had to be paid. His nurse was the one that watched me as she was planning her wedding. No I didn’t dream it, this conversation went on before I went under. She too sent a bill. Here’s the rundown of both:

His charge was $1360 with insurance paying most of the member rate at $223. Yep without insurance that mofo could have claimed and received $1360 for a 3 minute conversation to ask me some questions. $223 is bad enough.

Her charge was $1040 with insurance paying most of the member rate at another $223. Funny how the member rate was exactly the same despite her original bill being less and her doing more work (if watching me for 20 minutes as I sleep is considered more). Well of course it is.

The leftover for me after insurance paid was $25 to each person. That means I paid $50 out of pocket. When you count the insurance payments of $446, $496 was paid in total. Why? Because I have insurance. Without insurance, we’re talking $2400. More than quadruple. Something is greatly wrong with that picture. I mean seriously!!!! Rotten.

I’d love to know the true cost. The medicine, the equipment, a fair fee for the provider. The insurance company contribution makes this feel like a pyramid scheme. I’m glad I am only out of pocket $50 bucks but I feel for anyone else without the same means.

Alright, I’m worn out. Until next time, be safe. Peace.

As always, more to come.

9 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts ~ 7/29/21

  1. Before I had to go on disability, I did medical insurance billing for private practioners and for a local hospital. There are convoluted reasons why both charges came to $233 despite different original totals. There are convoluted reasons why this, or that, but the bottom line is that healthcare in the USA is not healthcare, it is insurance payments. The system is so borked. The normal thing is to point at the hospitals for “jacking up costs” and in some ways, that’s really true. If you are every in a big metropolitan area and have a lot of time on your hands and can get the right info (the hardest part), you can comparison shop costs. Even the lowest one will be “jacked up.” Why? Because it is all driven by the insurance companies, who are loved by the political system, which… wait? Aren’t they supposed to serve the people? hahahaha, just kidding.

    As a biller it used to torque me off when I would watch the insurance companies refuse to pay something legitimate, so either the patient got billed or the hospital ended up eating the cost. You’d be surprised at how often the latter happens, which is one reason they… yep, jack up the costs.

    One individual practitioner used to moan to me, and I understood him very well, that he just wished he could charge a reasonable rate and get paid that fair and reasonable rate. Yup.

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  2. My daughter just got a bill for something like $2800 (or maybe it was $3800?) for an ambulance ride to the hospital that they say the insurance won’t pay because her deductible wasn’t met. She says that is outrageous for a 20 minute ride where they had her on a heart monitor but nothing else. She was moaning about the US not having insurance like the “rest of the world.” I told her to make some phone calls and then to let the ambulance company know she has no money and if they can’t do a reduction, she’ll set up a payment plan at like $50 a month. It is definitely crazy.

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