Tidbits ~ 7/28/21

Where were we? Oh ya, the roof saga. Before 5/3/21, we were voluntarily replacing our 22 year old roof. Though a 35 year comp shingle, Tejas it hotter than hades and roofs never make it to the full life expectancy. We started noticing granules on the sidewalk after Snowmageddon or maybe even a little before. Got three bids and began to mull things over. Then 5/3/21, we got hail. Crazy odd shaped chunks flew from the sky. All three vehicles were dinged and the roof was deemed a total loss. I wrote a funny math edition here …

Thursday Thoughts ~ 6/24/21

The roof still isn’t replaced despite the preliminary inquires. After 5/3/21, roofers have more work than they can shake a stick at … not that anyone would shake a stick at work right? Your livelihood depends on money coming in? Feast or famine of the self-employed.

Here’s a move over from FB as I was in search of recommendations for a roofer.

Getting another bid for our roof since B claims the original price was a ploy to shoo us away. He says it happens all the time. 40k is steep considering we have one other bid for 25k. But you get what you pay for right?!?!?

He also wants to barter again. He’ll plaster in exchange for a reduction. Ugh. Shoot me now.

So, I’ve gone sidebar through Contractor Connection. What are the odds that the next roofer’s last name is Jasek? Maybe that’s a sign? Still waiting for the quote to make a final decision though.

Oh happy Wednesday

As always, more to come.

5 thoughts on “Tidbits ~ 7/28/21

  1. We’ve done the roof three times since we’ve lived here. Welcome to the club!

    Last time they did the roof, we had them do it during Christmas week. You might get a better deal if you do that.Just a thought…

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  2. We did our roof after 30 years of living here and a couple of leaks. Don’t know how old it was when we moved in. They make shingles that are heat reflective. We need every tiny bit of help we can get. Few years ago we had the insulation replaced.

    Doesn’t homeowner’s insurance cover damage from a hail storm?

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