Tidbits ~ 7/10/21

We’ve had rain for days now. The hurricane season is upon us and when things in the Gulf of Mexico stir up in just the right way, we get the benefits. Our garden loved it … at first. But now even that is a bit waterlogged. I’m not complaining though. When this weather is gone, our temps will skyrocket.

Today has been one of those lazy days. I did have to get out though. Run to CVS but before I went, I got the in-law’s grocery list. That’s when I was asked for a favor. I’m glad they asked though. They usually want to spare me or pay me or sometimes both. Since I was already headed to CVS, they had a RX for themselves which I was happy to retrieve. And mom in law had lost her cane. She wanted me to get her a new one. In pink! There was a bit of bickering going on when I got there to get the list and the credit card, trying to piece together where she may have left her original cane. Not that it mattered but they bicker. That’s their thing.

They knew I was going to the library afterwards and sent me off saying take as long as you like. Driving to my destination, I was full of memories. Our little corner of the earth. The CVS happens to be across the street from St. Benedicts and wouldn’t ya know it, when I got there, the church bells were ringing. Those are the bells B’s Grandpa donated to the church shortly after it was built. I absolutely love church bells. Hearing the sounds invoked other senses. I swear I could smell the wood polish and candle wax.

Anyway, I finished up, headed to QT for my DP Icee fix. Tomorrow we’re trying for free Slurpees. Moved along to the library. Returned two books The Institute and Ready Player One and got two replacements. Both Express Collection which means three weeks to d-day and no renewals. The two I returned were longer books which I finished in two weeks making me think I’ll meet the time limit. One of the books Bunny made a reviewer cackle with laughter while nodding in agreement and simultaneously being utterly terrified. Now that’s what I’m talking about. My kind of story.

Alrighty, enough prattling.

As always, more to come.

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