Tidbits ~ 6/27/21

Title: Pony’s Birth Story.

Lots to get out of ye ole cerebrum mi amigos/amigas.

Where were you 33 years ago today? Me? It was a Monday and I was at work. Still on the phones. I had a really bad call and hung up on the customer which is no bueno. I distinctly remember the call was about billing. Hmm, the more thing change, the more they stay the same.

I went to the bathroom to splash water on my face when I ran into two friends, Susan and Isabel who told me “Jill go home; you’re in labor”. Truth. But I scoffed. “No I’m not” You can’t make this stuff up.

I stayed, until 6 pm, finished the late shift. After which I headed home to find B with his friend Donald, drinking a few brewskies, crib STILL in pieces on our living room floor.

I announced through gritted teeth, “I’m going to Lung Fungs for dinner if you care to join me”. I thought Donald would take the hint and leave but nope, he tagged along. I felt the contractions all through dinner but said nothing. The meal was quite enjoyable if I remember correctly.

Back home again, I told Donald to leave unless he wanted to witness a live birth. B and I did all the Lamaze things. The breathing. The walking. Don’t go to the hospital too early, they said. We listened. For what felt like forever, we walked laps around our tiny house, over and over again.

B was the one who finally said, “do you think it’s time to go in?” We called my parents. PoPo Jim was in Houston on business but B’s mom was able to meet us there.

We were admitted some time after midnight. My school chum’s mom was working at the front, comforting to see a friendly face. I told her this was probably Braxton-Hicks since I wasn’t due until July but she mouthed to B “I don’t think so”.

Small world that it is, a girl who B had gone to school had been taken back as well, just a curtain separating us. In her case, she got sent home with false labor. Her daughter T, who went to school with our Pony for 13 years, was born @ 2-3 weeks later.

Our brightest ball of son-shine entered the world at 2:50 am. He’s been a night owl ever since. This year, thanks to being fully marinated, he is on the third annual “b-day bonanza and other extravaganza – NM to CO and back again” road trip with friends. Having the time of his life I’m sure.

We took him to an early b-day dinner before he left where he humored me with a picture. A good one, where he still smirks but his eyes are smiling. He even has his arm around my shoulder; a side hug but I’ll take it. We’re as twinsie as it gets. He consented to taking the picture but only if I promised not to share on social media. I’m keeping my promise. Shocker I know! But this one, attached as feature, I made no such promises about. So up it goes. Awwww, our baby ❀

As always, more to come.

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