Friday Book Club: J-Dub’s Review of The Son of Mr. Suleman by Eric Jerome Dickey ~ 6/18/21

I have not finished this book yet but I am stopping to share the goodness with you guys. Forget about me not rating with stars. This book is a five star rating if I ever saw one. Heck even more than five stars. This book is an awe inspiring galaxy!!! Can you tell I’m excited? I have so much to learn from this and learning is FUN!

I’m not sure if my enthusiasm is due to the fact that I checked this book out from the library. Yep a real (as opposed to fake) hard back novel. Or maybe my effervesce comes from the author (may he Rest in Peace) being my age mate. In my cohort so to speak. Despite some fairly significant differences, I feel like Mr. Dickey knows me and I know him. His words are like a warm blanket despite the gritty and raw content. How can something be both? I’ve no idea but as I read I continue to experience a full range of emotions.

I keep a common place book as I read. What’s a common place book you ask? Well it’s jots of lines that speak to me. I might get a dozen or so lines per novel but I already have three pages at about 1/2 way through. The characters are rich and relatable. I told the kids I felt like I was part of the conversation with Pi and his family. I could hang out with him and his neighbors Moses Ford aka Mo Fo and his wife Pocahontas aka Pokey. The fact that the author uses slang from my southern roots is yet another draw. And being set in our present time makes everything more real like this truly could be happening. Fictional yes but based in part on a slice of his life.

I may or may not write more later once I’m done. I feel a bit guilty like this is not my story to tell. I understand that I will never understand but I stand. I very much want to be an ally. Not only in word but in deed.

As always, more to come.