Thursday Thoughts ~ 6/17/21

I have no time to think which is funny seeing that all I do is think. Maybe more accurately, I have no time to ponder, think deeply, about all that life has to offer. In a word, I am distracted. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Work is kicking my hind parts. I have said that before and will say that again but this time is different. There is some mania going on. Instead of saying enough. I’m working almost round the clock these last three days. I claim that I’m “lovin every minute of it” … “turn that dial all the way, shoot me like a rocket into space … loving every minute of it … c’mon!!”

The 80s were trippy, I tell ya what. This song does not really display the mania I feel. The pace is kinda slow. But that’s the thought that popped into my brain. And with that more distraction. Yeah buddy!

And like that, I’m all better. Music even 80s not that good music soothes me. Ahhhhh.

Real quick, before I go. I found a new trick to help me sleep. I woke up yesterday with tons of ideas in my head … my stories … potential blog posts. Swirling, not letting me stay asleep when it was way too early to get up. My trick is, I got up. I wrote down three short sentences about the main thoughts I had cycling like a dervish, then I went back to bed. I feel asleep instantly maybe because those ideas were freed and I relaxed. At least I think that’s what happened. Two more hours … deep blissful sleep … waking up naturally right before the alarm went off. Feeling rested.

Okay, guess that’s it. Lemme let ya go. Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday eve!

As always, more to come.