Tidbits ~ 6/13/21

These half baked post notions need to come out of my brain. Better out than in ala Shrek. Pony just asked me “Mom how much coke (as in cocaine) did you just do? The 80s are over.” My response was “I’m high on life, leave me alone.” hahaha! Yep I’m full of emotions, verklempt even. Ah now that’s the stuff.

  • My car went kaput. B & Pony both think the problem is the fuel line or fuel pump. They’ve scrapped the idea of DIY car repair. The only reason they were even going to try was that the Otto brothers had a fire last Sunday. closing the place down. Yep our Cheers! like garage is the only place we trust. When I’ve gone the dealer, I feel bamboozled afterwards. I’m not going out a lot but things are opening up. Being fully marinated, we’re out and about more often. Plus I go back to the office in some form come July. I shopped for shops and basically we’d be taking a crap shoot to go somewhere else. Enter PoPo. The man who helped build the Internet. Memba him? He is loaning me his Rav4 until the Ottos reopen. Yeah buddy!
  • Why is he able to do this? Sadly in April he fell and broke his femur. He had surgery and was let loose from the pokey aka Downtown Baptist hospital in May. He is now at home still undergoing pretty intense physical therapy. We’re sad that it happened but man I tell ya what, his attitude puts the rest of ours to shame. He is still our loveable PoPo, a true ball of sunshine.
  • This means I am driving Miss Daisy aka my mother-in-law. To be fair, B is too. I go by every morning and he goes by every afternoon to check on them. Praise be we live in walking distance. They keep thanking us for doing all that we need to be doing for them. They seem to forget how much they helped us out when we were first married, then more after the kids came. Every once in a while, they try to pay us! Ugh! We’ve told Pony and Lulu, if/when we need the same, they will not be paid but rather they should help us out of the kindness of their hearts ❀ HaHa! Then we get back some light hearted banter about how they have already picked out a place for us.
  • Today Lulu and I made pie. From scratch. Well step one of the pie is done. The crust. The rest comes later today after the dough is sufficiently chilled. My Mamaw taught me how to make pie crust from scratch. I never taught Lulu because I am impatient and those cooking lessons never went well. Now I am older, wiser, and a lot less combustible. Which means I patiently showed her what my Mamaw patiently showed me.

I went to look for my pastry cutter … another gift from our wedding (like the pie tin above) but it is gone. Likely from lack of use I gave it away or maybe sold it in a garage sale. I was going to buy another one but they are about $9. Highway robbery! LOL. Dang I am a cheapskate. Two forks for the win!

Alrighty, I’m done … for now … waiting for the dough to finish chilling.

As always, more to come.

3 thoughts on “Tidbits ~ 6/13/21

    1. First pie crust I have made from scratch in nearly 40 years. The forks gave me a work out but you’re right, the cutter will be worth it if I start up again regularly …

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