Tidbits ~ 6/12/21

I took myself off of my self-imposed FB ban. I can be an adult. Really I can. I will choose how I behave in that space. I’ve been back about two weeks. So far all is well.

The following is what I shared on FB earlier today about my adventures which started when I took Lulu to her blood work appointment because I needed to run errands afterwards in the car we still share.

Real, fake, or imagined. What the fuck?!? My car with almost 104k miles on it, has potentially run out of steam.

Thank goodness I got done what I needed to get done before the car started stalling … fortunately too I was not on the freeway (as I had been minutes before) but on a side street, Lord Rd. of all places. Those who know know what I’m talkin about. The spirits of G’ma Sally & G’pa John probably helped me get safely home. Superstitious lapsed Catholic that I am, I did pray a few Hail Marys.

Wish us luck on Monday when we visit the brothers Otto for diagnosis of my baby Buick aka Verona Salt, not to be confused with Veruca Salt.

I inserted a Veruca Salt video but I won’t do that know …

Lord Rd is the street where St. Benedict’s parish is … the church and community to which B’s grandparents belonged. They lived in walking distance from the church and were active parishioners for over 40 years. In fact, the bell tower was donated by them when the church first broke ground.

A few folks have already responded to my FB post. The following comment, made my day …

Your authentic introspection plus your sense of humor plus your mad writing skilz always add up to a heartfelt and entertaining read. Net result: When you lose, the rest of us win. Thank you for sharing your slices of everyday life with us and taking us along on the journey. Your poor car’s misfortune is, ironically, a bright spot in my day. 💕

But then there was this … from my brother … sacrebleu …

If you’re talking Temple Hill you’re out of luck. It burned a week ago, I think ten cars were a total loss or smoke damaged!

Land sakes alive! I read the news article for the details. This happened last Sunday @ 12:30 pm. They say that the cause of the fire is still under investigation. No injuries thankfully. In the blink of an eye, 70 years in business halted. But they said they will be back! I’ve no doubt.


When I was telling Pony what happened. How I made it to MoMo’s and PoPo’s with their groceries, even after stalling out, he pipes up, it’s your fuel line. B said the same thing. Since the brothers Otto are temporarily closed, now they are maybe ?!?!? going to try and fix it themselves. Oy vey. Lol.

You know I’ll write more if they start those kind of shenanigans.

As always, more to come.

11 thoughts on “Tidbits ~ 6/12/21

  1. Yikes! That’s scary. I just got a new car and one of the “features” is that the engine automatically shuts off when you come to a stop sign. Thank goodness you can turn that feature off because it freaks me out!

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    1. Wife just bought a Subaru Crosstrek and it does that. There is a way to turn the feature off but I’ll have to read the manual to find it. So many buttons on it and then there’s a computer screen with endless levels of menus. Fortunately most can be ignored while driving.

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