Thursday Thoughts ~ 6/3/21

I’m getting back to normal. I’m more brave to venture out thanks to having both shots, the recent CDC mask guidance, and overall lessening of Covid cases. I re-read posts from a year ago with a vagueness to the words wondering if these events truly happened. Of course, they did happen. In those moments, the heaviness of the situation was such that I thought things would never change. The term “new normal” was kicked around for things that were anything but normal. However, quoting Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park nature finds a way. I’ve mentioned in past posts, or on FB, or in person that I would never go back into a restaurant to eat or go into a movie theater again but I have done both.

In April, we went to the Barn Door for my in-laws 58th wedding anniversary. As nice as going out was, the experience was dampened. Limited menu, new protocols, and the empty spaces were deafening. Though my post colonoscopy meal with just B and I was like the good ole days. Maybe my hunger made everything better but that was the best meal out, closest to normal, opening up the possibilities of more times out like that.

In May, Lulu and I ventured into the theater again to see Cruella. The movie was panned by the critics but I LOVED it. There was a killer soundtrack which had me chair dancing in my seat. I forgot my social niceties and became a parton I typically disliked. Someone needed to shhhh me. Except, I bothered no one with my antics thanks to our seating choices: top row, back corner, last two seats on the aisle. Moving in a seat isn’t the same as talking out loud and Lulu humored me.

Yes the screen time was longer than it needed to be but the pace flowed smoothly like a lazy river with spurts of rapids. I quite enjoy lazy rivers. Maybe our next outing should be to Schlitterbahn water park? But I digress.

I think I would have loved the movie regardless. Why? Well the nostalgia of course. I first saw 101 Dalmations as a re-run in the tiny theater in Karnes City Texas in the summer of 1972. I was staying with my Aunt Annie while my mother was back in San Antonio undergoing her mastectomy. Everything about the summer was marred but the movie with cinnamon red hots and popcorn as snacks was a highlight.

Well, that’s enough thinking doncha think? My break is over, time to get back to work. No more dilly dallying.

As always, more to come.

20 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts ~ 6/3/21

  1. I remember our San Antonio days. Many trips to Schlitterbahn. What a place. I never liked crowds so having things thinned out hasn’t really bothered me and the cleanliness protocols of way too many venues had fallen far below what I was comfortable with so this has been a good part of the nightmare of Covid. I have missed movie outings most of all. My youngest and I always include a film in our holiday celebrations since he was small and not that he works in the industry it is even more prominent. It has been really tough on those folks. He has testing several times a week. The vaccines have improved my comfort level but knowing many others don’t intend to get it and/or don’t believe in mask protection we still wear ours in public situations. Even if I don’t contract it I don’t want to unwittingly carry and my husband has compromised health right now. I hope things continue to improve for you. 👍🏻

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      1. Very cool to work in the industry. My former coworker’s daughter was part of the team that made Soul. Seeing her name in the credits was super exciting. I remember watching credits as a kid saying I want to be “best boy”. Any position would be cool to me. Ah to be part of a crew 😊

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    1. You’ve got a great attitude to find some bright spots and stronger cleanliness protocols are top of the list. Lulu and I did the same with movies opening Christmas Day. 2020 was a bummer but 2021, we’ll be there again. And after Cruella we know it’s okay to venture there again. Sooner rather than later. I just don’t understand people refusing to do something when it’s within their power to do so. Doing your part whatever that may be feels good and useful at least to me.


      1. So true. I can’t wait to sit in a theater with him again to see a film he worked on and look for his name at the end. He is in locations management and has done a lot of the Marvel franchise.Gimme some Thor already! 😉

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  2. I watched it ten years before you and couldn’t stop talking about it. When my daughter saw the same movie 30 years later she called it, “101 Malmations.”

    There is something special about sharing something that was special when you were a child with your own child. If I am lucky I can share it with my grandchild.

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  3. I know what you mean about deafening spaces. We’d just as soon order for carryout or delivery and eat at home. But things are getting better. And cinnamon red hots make everything better.

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  4. Lovely to hear you upbeat today! Glad that getting out and about is starting to happen for you. Us too. We have eaten out a couple of times and actually went to a casino and gambled for a bit to celebrate or anniversary. Not normal but getting to be something bearable.

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  5. I’m looking forward to seeing Cruella but I’ll wait until it comes out on something streaming. Our covid cases are back up in Florida. 6K yesterday with 100 deaths. I still feel better being vaccinated. 🙂

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    1. For all I know they are increasing in Texas too. I’m not looking anymore. I have my vaccine which gives me a little confidence. And I still mask it up and social distance just in case. The frequent hand washing is also a thing but it was a thing for me even before Covid.

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      1. Ditto to all of that! The frustrating part of it all is so many people are not getting vaccinated and their attitude is…”let everybody else get the vaccine”. Said to me to my face. Oh well! 🙂

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