Share Your World ~ 5/25/21

I’m with Melanie! 2021 is definitely flying by making up for the lost laggard daze of 2020. Hold on to your hats my good fellows. Now for the Q&A …


What are you most proud of in the last year? My momma raised me to believe pride was a sin. Maybe only a venial sin but still being a sinner scared the bejesus out of me. I go to the extreme to be proud of nothing. My kids were impacted by my less than enthusiastic reaction to their accomplishments. It wasn’t me not being proud but me disliking the bragging, better than you mentality of too many parents these days. For that I am very sorry because with balance maybe I could have found something to brag about where my kids are concerned.

If you see a puddle on the ground, do you walk around it or give in to the child within and splash about? Depends on what shoes I am wearing. If at home around the place, you better believing I am kicking off my shoes and splashing. I have such fond memories of playing in water after the rain as a child. My brothers and I would sail little plastic boats down Pecan Valley Drive. The area was poorly developed which meant there was always running water to the drainage ditch which filled up like a cesspool. The water was really dirty at a minimum with oil off the roads. We’d be pirates on a treasure hunt finding shopping carts, tires, shoes, and other miscellaneous “things”.

Do you feel free? Why or why not? Hmm. Both. Technically I know I’m free but with that freedom comes accountability/responsibility. I stop myself more often than not which leads me to believe I’m captive if by only my own self imposed actions.

What life skills are rarely taught but are extremely useful? Money management. Things like how to budget and balance one’s accounts. It’s official, I have become my parents.


“Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.” by AA Milne

My heart is also very small yet I strive to be more like Piglet.