Thursday Thoughts ~ 5/20/21

Well, we know what it isn’t but not what it is. Story of my life. Oy Vey.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad both biopsies are negative. Truly I am. I’m simply tired of not knowing why I hurt.

The rest of this post might be TMI but I’m getting my Thursday thoughts out there. Stop now or forever hold your peace.

Getting the CT result with immediate scheduling of the 2nd procedure was unnerving but when I got the colonoscopy result that everything was good except that she felt some adhesion in my pelvis probably from a prior surgery, I really went off the deep end.

Huh? What? Is this a prank? I’ve had no prior surgery.

She back peddled a bit looking at my chart. She said the adhesion was very likely the cause of my pain. And adhesion almost always comes from surgery. She adds in the part about the two biopsies and that they will call with results but she expects nothing based on what she could see.

Me: Well what do I do if the biopsies are negative? Maybe see my gynecologist?

Doc: That’s sounds like a good idea.

And with that we were done. Just like when the anesthesiologist thought I had both hips replaced. Not me!

I waited all week for the phone call that never came. I did get an email late in the day on 5/14 telling me there was info in my patient portal. The labs were back all clear! Yippee!!

But not really. Ugh! This clip helps though. Gives me something to giggle about as I try to relax.

Brings back memories of watching Hee Haw with the family. We had only three channels, some times four when we could catch PBS. But that station was hit or miss. We’d have to really adjust the rabbit ears to get a good signal.

And a few out there reading this may wonder what are rabbit ears? Well a TV antenna of course. As for remote control, us kids took turns being the remote control. I love when my thoughts stroll down memory lane. Good times I tell ya what. Now lemme let ya go.

As always, more to come.