Thursday Thoughts ~ 5/13/21

Well here we go again! More thoughts popping like popcorn. The old fashion way. In hot oil.

I’m not even sure which end is up? Should an end even be up? Maybe ends should be down. Did you ever think of that? Inquiring minds want to know.

I am getting this out there, I’m still waiting for results for my two biopsies from Friday. The wait is worse than the procedure itself. I keep telling myself nothing is wrong or I’d know by now. The results are taking so long because there is no sense of urgency because I am A-OK. Only that little part inside my brain is worried. I think but …. what if? Labs make mistakes all the time. Ugh! Calgon take me away.

And I didn’t give a play by play either. Something I usually do to relieve stress. But some funny, not funny things happened. Like when the anesthesiologist goes on asking me a series of questions, saying “So you’ve had both hips replaced”. Uh no! Do you even have the right person?

He played it off but clearly he did not know me. He was a box checker. I could hear him as he went to other patients asking the same series of required questions. We had curtains but no real privacy. I realized he was up selling on being checked for sleep apnea. He was probably in cahoots with the person selling the machines. In my case, he said I have every the risk factor. That left unchecked I could have a stroke, heart attack, etc…

Just shoot me now.

As always more to come.

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