Best Night’s Sleep ~ 5/8/21

I used to write my dreams down in a journal. I don’t know if I ever really did any interpretation of my dreams. It was just something I did to get those thoughts out of my head. Not like I would remember much anyway. If I didn’t write them down immediately upon waking that is.

After my procedure yesterday, we grabbed a bite to eat, and then came home. Instead of taking a nap, I forced myself to stay awake. We played around with the dogs. We went out to the garden and picked zucchini. B and I generally had a lovely afternoon. There was even some swing time in the mix.

As with the other times before, I had the best sleep of my life because of my sedation earlier in the day. They’ve improved quite a bit over the years. Less grogginess. Faster wake time. But what remains the same is being out stone cold and recovery with zero pain. Then following the procedure is when I have the best night’s sleep.

And I know the propofol was probably out of my system, but I slept so soundly last night. Yet I did dream. Vividly. I went to visit ‘C’ my best friend from grade school. In my dream, she was living somewhere in Europe. I was much younger, single, with no children. My mom tried to stop me from going but I went anyway.

As C showed me around, we were looking at a large body of water. And there were amazing things happening in the sky. She told me every evening could be like this. I also made new “dream” friends quickly. With all that goodness, I decided to stay. Move in and work with C. I woke up at the part where my mom threatened to come get me.

So what does this dream mean? Probably nothing. But I am going to interpret myself. Sometime tomorrow or the next day. Because right now is exhibit day at the McNay. Say that three times fast. Off we go. Happy Saturday!

As always more to come.

8 thoughts on “Best Night’s Sleep ~ 5/8/21

  1. I had propofol for my hernia surgery. IMHO, it is the perfect anesthetic. Instantly asleep, instantly awake, no pain and no grogginess. Decades ago when i had knee surgery I was stuck in the hospital all day. Body reacted very badly to it, low blood pressure, tachycardia, nausea and very weak. The nurses in the recovery room were angry they had to stay late.

    OTOH Michael Jackson liked it so much he used it regularly. Claimed it was the only way to get any sleep. (If he didn’t use so much coke and speed, it wouldn’t have been such a problem.) It eventually killed him when he was either given – or took – a large dose and nobody monitored him. The way to come out of propofol induced sleep is to stop the infusion and the results are very quick.

    Good dreams and sexual inhibition are known side effects.

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    1. Sorry about your side effects and put off nurses. They knew what they signed up for taking the job. I had no idea I had the same drug as Michael Jackson. Well maybe I heard he died from propofol but didn’t retain it. Seems like something that should be used only in surgery. Thanks for the link, I will check it out soon.

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