Z: Idiom of the Day ~ 4/30/21

Can you just hear it? Barry Manilow belting out “Looks like we made it!” What an amazing ride.

I’m tired y’all. No, not tired. I’m giddy! I’m also sad because #AtoZChallenge is over but glad that it happened.

Alrighty, enough rambling and musing. We’ll save that for another day. Rat-a-tat-tat, rat-a-tat-tat, rat-a-tat tat. Drum roll puhleese!!! Our final idiom.

Starts with Z – Zero Hour

Jilly’s Take: Not a term I am too familiar with but then again Z is always hard. Instead of zero hour, I thought what about midnight hour? Could they possibly be the same thing? If not identical, somewhat related. I’m pretty sure zero hour is the start of something special.

Curiosity took me to my friend Google. Sure enough zero hour is 0.00 AM aka midnight. Mind you this was a quick Google not to be confused with a quick pickle. I’m watching way too many cooking shows. Love me a good quick pickle.

For more on today’s idiom LOOK here. This wiki page has a lil bit more. After that, check out not one, not two but three “zero hour” videos shown below. I wanted to end with a bang!

Writer(s): Wilson Jr. Pickett, Stephen Lee Cropper
Writer: Peter Case – More at the wiki.
Writer(s): Rami Jaffee, Georg Ruthenberg, David Eric Grohl, Chris Shiflett, Nate Mendel, Odie Hawkins

Until next year!!

As always, more to come.



21 thoughts on “Z: Idiom of the Day ~ 4/30/21

  1. Hi Jilly, Good to hear you enjoyed the month of blogging AtoZ. It is always a 30-day commitment. And, yes, Wilson Puckett’s “The Midnight Hour” is a great song for celebrating. I’ll be reading your posts backwards and am looking forward to some fun tunes along the way along with your idiom choices. Yeah for May!


  2. Congratulations for completing the AtoZ challenge. It always gets me with the zero hour when it says 00:00 I think it’s a typo or something! I’m a little behind with my comments but I sure hope we can encourage each other throughout the year by popping in for a visit now and then. And can’t wait for another round next year.
    Have a great day!

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    1. I am already looking forward to next year too! I will be making the rounds the remainder of this year as well. So much out there I have yet to uncover.

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    1. oh no! Sorry to hear your reaction was a big one. I was fortunate @ 24 hours and a good part of that I slept through. Now you’re fully marinated and ready to face the world :). And yes there is always next year!

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  3. I’m pretty sure Elton John also mentioned zero hours and Rocketman or one of his songs. It has been a fun ride hasn’t it I’m kind of sad it’s over too but I will figure something out maybe not on a daily basis but we’ll see.

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    1. I almost used Elton. “Zero hours 9am” it is Rocketman. I’ll be back to once daily. I’ve got to get my feelings out somehow. Blogging fits the bill.

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