Tidbits Part Tribus ~ 4/30/21

Doh! I jinxed myself. Tribus, isn’t that a regal sounding word?

Results already in! What the what! That was fast. Too fast. I had already told myself that I would accept my fate with grace and dignity whatever that means. Yes I am and will forever be the Queen comma Drama. I fully expected an all clear and to go on medication for depression as I wailed about here in Thursday Thoughts. The CT was going to be negative, making me think I was crazy. How I hoped the doobie would be an alternative for all of this “stuff”. Kidding, not kidding.

All I know is my doctor called because this scan was anything but normal. Ha! Vindication! I was not imagining my pain. While the CT didn’t give a formal diagnosis, it signaled the need for a colonoscopy. I am already booked for one week from today. Doc used a lot of words that are still rumbling through my brain but I am resisting becoming Dr. Google. No WebMD for me! Instead I will ride into the weekend with this mantra …

It is nothing until it is something.

Tada! And with that I am off to pick a new book to read. Until next time.

As always, more to come.


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