Tidbits ~ 4/30/21

Nothing like the time to practice mindfulness 🧘 when the CT machine is erroring out and needs to be rebooted. Ohm ohm ohm. I wish I had my blanket. Lol 😂

Edited: All done. Whew! John the radiologist was fantastic! Talked the whole time. Called me “sister”. He’s a brother from another mother with all that chit chat. “Sis or sister” are terms of endearment that I use too. Really relieved my anxiety.

Bonus is he showed me which vein to use for next time which we both hope is never! Always left and not the one on top that goes straight but the one underneath that goes sideways toward my pinkie. It’s softer and wider makes for an easier stick. And now I’m giggling at the innocent innuendo. There was nothing untoward. I promise. But now I have something I can remember. 😂


7 thoughts on “Tidbits ~ 4/30/21

  1. So far, so good. And omg, what is with the CT scanners? I had one last Monday and it borkened itself too! Such a comfortable position to be stuck in while people jab buttons and mutter, “Why aren’t you working?” Omm, Omm. ♥

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