Thursday Thoughts ~ 4/29/21

What day is it? I haven’t a clue as things are rushing like a raging river. Meanwhile the thoughts are popping like old fashioned popcorn in hot freaking oil. Make it stop!!! Or don’t make it stop! What would life be without Mr. Toad? The opposite of wild. I like wild.

I had a mini-reunion with someone at work this week. We called into the same meeting. Only four of us. Cozy. Before we got started, we exchanged pleasantries … long time no see … Of course I remember you … how’d we ever survive the smog ridden P3 parking garage office space? …. Talk about your overcrowding … yes they really did put people “outside” when we ran out of space before the big remodel.

What really threw me for a loop though was when JC says “I’ve known Jill for 23 years”. I was gobsmacked. Seriously?!? Surely he was WRONG!! But nope. I know he was right since I took the job in “after hours” right after Lulu was born. Lulu is 23. How the HELL did THAT happen?!?! lol.

Speaking of overcrowded office space. Ugh mo. We have to go back. Eff that! I went into this pandemic as a deer in the headlights. Denial. I refused to get comfortable in my own home because this … whatever this was had to be temporary. Eventually I adapted. Now I love being home. WORKING my ass off from home. I know without a doubt that I am 110 x infinity percent more productive. Why? Just why?

Come on big boys, “spill the tea”!! But they can’t. Or won’t. If they did people may revolt. And some already have revolted like that does any good. Me, I am biding my time and will do as I am told. Retirement just around the corner relatively speaking. Starting in July, I will be a hybrid employee whatever that means. Part time in the office and part time home. Could be worse all things considered.

Pony thought he was getting off scot free but his big bank is doing the exact same thing. Monkey see, monkey do. Dammit J Dimon. I hoped you would set the trend. Pony goes back in July too. They are not calling it hybrid but he will be on rotation. More details to follow.

First world problems. AmIright?!?!

As always, more to come.

P.S. tomorrow is my scan, wish me luck.

10 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts ~ 4/29/21

  1. My husband’s company is small, but I *think* they’re considering going letting their employees continue working from home and just meeting once a week from the office. I know the hubster LOVES working from home because it means he can get his work at night which is when he gets most of his best work done.

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    1. I hope they go with that plan. I wish our decision was based on when/how we do our best work. Instead seems like they are bringing people in for appearances sake and to justify the bills for keeping the lights on.


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