U: Idiom of the Day ~ 4/24/21

Starts with U – Up in the Air

Jilly’s Take: To me, this idiom means things are unsettled. Jilly don’t play that. As a planner, plodder extraordinaire, I need things to be solid down on the ground. Never up in the air! That’s torture!! LOL.

Up in the air also reminds me of daddy answering “let’s play it by the ear” any time we asked if we could do something. He always added “the” instead of saying … by ear. We heard that often growing up.

Back to up in the air. Spontaneity is not my thing. Until afterwards of course when I comment “why don’t we do such and such more often??” Well duh Jilly. Your compulsive need to plan everything to the nth degree interferes with doing things spur of the moment.

For more on today’s idiom LOOK here. Then check out the video. Songwriter: Jared Leto. Yes! That Jared Leto.


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