S: Idiom of the Day ~ 4/22/21

Starts with S – Show True Colors

Jilly’s Take:  The origin of this idiom goes back to 1551.  Wowser!  Who knew?  My take has always leaned toward the negative.  Someone being a fake until sH!t hits the fan showing you who they really are behind the facade.   Isn’t façade such a lovely word?  Words are my jam.  Moving on …

People showing their true colors is why I cooled it on facebook aka Faux Book (FB).  I probably should have left when they banned my blog.  The week I deactivated my account for seven days, my screen time dropped by over 40%.  I am no longer deactivated because I have way too many pictures there which I have not figured out how to move.  Stuff back to 2011, pre-blog which are not saved anywhere else.  The only thing I do on FB these days is create picture stories, no words which fly out to Instagram.  Any comments go to my private messenger.  I can reply without any fanfare on my actual feed/page. I also unfollowed several people to save myself from myself with that urge to be a keyboard cowboy.

For more on today’s idiom LOOK here.

Now for the song.  In my effort to be more positive, I think of Cyndi Lauper singing the anthem for being yourself!  Showing your true colors in a good way.  Show your real authentic self.  Be damned what others say or think.  Here is a stripped down version.  Songwriters: Billy Steinberg / Tom Kelly.


P.S. Happy Birthday Griffy Grif. We miss you!

7 thoughts on “S: Idiom of the Day ~ 4/22/21

  1. You can download your entire facebook — pictures and all — into a zip file onto your computer before you deactivate it. That’s what I did. Then just extract your pictures to a safe place and do what you want with the rest.

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