Tidbits ~ 4/18/21

I’m in here to distract myself as I spruce up the place. “Tidbits” is officially a category under “Ramblings”. I also found out how to delete categories that were hanging out, unused due to misspellings and other assorted reasons. Now I am down to 55 distinct categories. That’s a lot more than I need. I might work on further refining. As I delete categories, the posts remain behind moving into the “Life” category. That is my primary/default. I like the idea of sub-grouping but c’mon 55 is over the top. Even for me.

Oh and I deactivated FB again. I had gone back to grab my things but lack of time and patience means I quit trying to figure out how to move my pictures. Doing so was the last thing I wanted to accomplish before the final farewell. In seven days, I might reactivate but then log out. The test will be if I can remember my password to get back in one day when time and patience come back to me.

Ta-ta for now. Hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday. Cheers to an easy entry into the work week.

As always, more to come.

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