#1linerWeds. 4/14/21

Yay! for Linda getting her shot and being glad about it. We got ours and couldn’t be happier too. Until the tails comes in later this year. Haha! Just joshing with ya folks.

Today I am going with a mantra, something soothing, to help me get through today.

This Too Shall Pass …

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L: Idiom of the Day ~ 4/14/21

Starts with L – Lend me your ears

Jilly’s Take: Oh keeper of secrets lend me your ears to keep them safe.  I had a dear friend back in high school who was the keeper of my secrets. I love and miss her to this day. We went our separate ways when life got complicated. But up until our oldest kids were in high school themselves, we kept in touch.

Lend me your ears also reminds me of a sounding board. To ask for someone’s full attention as they listen carefully.  With the Rona, we’ve lost some of those connections.  Sent to our respective corners in quarantine. Shelter sounds like such a safe word but “sheltering in place” was a new phrase that brought isolation to many. Safe in one respect maybe but not in all respects. Covid related mental health issues are abound though many are mercifully spared. 

Reminds me that tomorrow I must check on my work friend H. At the onset, he told me he had never been more fully aware of his isolation in living alone. That was over a year ago and we have only spoken twice. Shame on me!

If I didn’t have B and this blog to release the hounds, I’d go bonkers.  Okay the jury is out on that as I may already be bonkers. Hehe. Thank goodness for the vaccine which has allowed us to dip our toes back into life’s proverbial pond.

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Songwriters:  John Lennon & Paul McCarthy

Here’s a particularly soulful cover performed by Joe Cocker.