Tidbits ~ 4/12/21

I used to drop this stuff in a journal but since I’m not actively keeping a journal anymore, I’ve started tidbits on the blog. This is where I can get the intrusive thoughts out of my head. Let the world see how neurotic I truly am. Ha! Which you’ve known all along. Ain’t no big surprise.

Lulu started a new job today. That makes three places but four attempts. Ugh!

The first post college gig ended due to ISP woes. Then she got back in same place but quit before she restarted. There are very painful reasons she didn’t go back. Things that are not my story to tell. I’m still very grateful that Kyle gave her a second chance. I’m also glad she didn’t go back because the ISP woes returned. We could say the other bad stuff happened for a reason savings a repeat ISP debacle.

But now the ISP excuse is behind us. Even in Snowmageddon, we were fully functional. We also have our own concierge at Spectrum who promises no more trouble.

Gig two was in person as a mental health technician helping girls just like herself. I was very skeptical but helping people is good. Maybe doing so would give her a sense of self worth.

She made it through two days of orientation but actual day one on the job was the last. She shows up and no one even knew she was supposed to be there. They put her on the wing with the older girls. Apparently the worst unit if she is to be believed. She did shadow someone who couldn’t be bothered and sometime during the 12 hour shift, she was threatened with bodily arm. To quote “I’ll use your dead body for a step up and out the window”. Her person casually said “ah don’t worry, they just talk big”. Somehow she made it to the end of her shift but she never went back.

Puts us to gig three. Call center scheduler. She is in orientation as we speak. During lunch I’ve gotten a barrage of texts. It’s bad. She wants to cry. But she’s not stopping. It’s that last sentence I’m holding on to. “Mom I’m not stopping. I can’t quit again”.

Oh but she will. Quit again. Maybe not today or even tomorrow. But realistically this isn’t a forever job. Of course I said something similar 37 years ago.

Ugh! I’ve failed to help her become strong and independent. I want to cry too. But this is not about me! And just maybe this time she’ll figure it out. At least that’s what B thinks. And we all know he’s usually right.

Alrighty. Time to end my worry session. Once again releasing the hounds has helped. If this is meant to be it’ll be. Cue music.

As always more to come.

15 thoughts on “Tidbits ~ 4/12/21

  1. Call enter work is rough. Very rough and they treat you like a disposable cog. I only lasted as long as I did because at first it was challenging and we had freedom and authority to do what we had to. Slowly they took that away until we were just checking off boxes and reading scripts and upselling. I was going insane. Yet there are others who didn’t seem to mind or even enjoyed it. All depends on how you’re put together.

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  2. It is tough! We have a similar issue with our son who left a warehouse job where he could sing and dance while he worked to take a higher paying job in a medical office where of course there is a more restricted (professional) atmosphere. I knew it was going to be challenging for him to keep his spirit in check but the money (and the fact that it was his best friend’s sister who got him the job) drew him to it. He wanted to quit after two weeks because the person who was training him has some kind of attitude toward him (we think she’s jealous). That was last September and he is still there. Not every day is a good day and there have been a couple other times where he was close to giving his 2-week notice but fortunately the higher-ups like him and tell him he is doing a good job. Keeping fingers crossed for your girl.

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    1. Thanks Janet. This gives me hope. You’re right they aren’t all good days. I remember threatening to quit myself. But it’s been 37 years at the same company. I hope she stays at least a year and has a replacement gig before she gives notice. She needs some stability!!

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