Sunday Reflections: A Week in Review ~ 4/11/21

Trying to take a page from my friend’s playbook, I don’t want to whine. I want to be happy. I have glimmers of happy but invariably something causes the apple cart to be upset. My emotions tumble losing one or two honeycrisps. Are you picking up with I am putting down?

This week was hellacious. Only in hindsight do I realize I caused the problems. My reactions to situations are fully in my control yet I let myself be bothered. Making matters worse. Then at the end of the work week, my dearest Mapu reached out and asked me if I heard the news. I hadn’t. He didn’t know details but then a friend of a friend learned and word got back to me.

Quite frankly that news slapped me right back into the reality of life’s fragility. I dropped my anger over work “stuff” immediately, like I was burned. Work doesn’t matter. Not really. Not in the big scheme of what’s truly important. Family, friends, the human connection outside the cells we create for ourselves. The preconceived notions of what we are supposed to do and to be. Hugs your loved ones if you can, as soon as you can. Appears vaccinations are available for any and all who want them. At least in my neck of the woods.

Of course this post would not be complete without Mister un-shaven sheep/llama/alpaca. He is the grand star for over a year now. Bringing levity to any situation.

Laughter helps y’all!! In much the same way music does. At least for me. Now with the slightest smiles, I present the roll call.

First up, the usual suspects …

  • Sunday April 4 – #SLS Chica-Cherry-Cola 🙂
  • Monday April 5 – Haiku Allergic Fido.
  • Tuesday April 6 – Share Your World A safe space Melanie creates.
  • Wednesday April 7 – #1linerWeds. Why wait?
  • Thursday April 8 – Thursday Thoughts Birthday pups!! Yay. Meeting overload. Boo 😦
  • Friday April 9 – Book Club Light and breezy read. Time filler/distraction.
  • Saturday April 10 – #SoCS ❤ Time to make a difference.

Now we have, #AtoZChallenge

What an action packed week with another one on the horizon. Can’t wait!!

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

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