H: Idiom of the day ~ 4/9/21

Starts with H – Heads Will Roll

Jilly’s Take: Means someone is going to get punished.  Off with their heads!! Said the Queen of Hearts <3. In addition to Alice in Wonderland, I’m reminded of the Judas Priest song “Some Heads Are Gonna Roll”.  I love this song.  My rock roots are showing.  Rob Halford!!!  Voice of an angel with range for days.   

I went to school with the drummer for one of JPs spin off bands. Small world. Bobby came from a musical family. He played drums in our high school band first. I’m pretty sure most of the girls had a crush on him. Or maybe just me. Boy crazy girl – silly Jilly that I was before B tamed me. Hehe. I’m a nut.

For more on today’s idiom LOOK here.

The beginning of the video brings back awesome memories of concerts past. Crammed in shoulder to shoulder on the floor if lucky enough to get floor seats. The HemisFair Arena full to the rafters. What a venue! Sadly torn down. Music so loud you could feel it. Ears clogged and unable to hear well for days afterwards.

\m/ devil horns really meant to ward off bad juju. That hand signal was made popular by Ronnie James Dio who learned it from his grandma. Fun fact! Or urban legend. Now for the tunes!!


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