F: Idiom of the day ~ 4/7/21

Starts with F – First Things First

Jilly’s Take: I’m a first things first kinda gal.  Order is important.  None of this willy nilly.  Alright!  Stop laughing!  I can hear you.  Hehe. 

When I write I’m squirrelly and all over the place.  But at work I must rank by #1 and take it from there.  I know people who work by doing what is easy first.  And sure sometimes it feels good to knock the low hanging fruit off the work tree but then what is left for next is hard.   That’s when I get overwhelmed. 

First things first. Can ya dig it?  I live and die by due dates.  The bane of my existence.  For more on today’s idiom, LOOK here. After that, check out Imagine Dragons – Believer


11 thoughts on “F: Idiom of the day ~ 4/7/21

  1. This made me think of a saying that goes something like, “I can handle problems one at a time, but they refuse to get in line!” Sometimes it’s tricky to put first things first, if I get overwhelmed by items on the to-do list.

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    1. Yep. I get it. Deciding which should go first can be a struggle. Fortunately or Unfortunately I get to decide by when something is due. It’s basically decided for me.


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