C: Idiom of the Day ~ 4/3/21

Starts with C Crack the Whip

Jilly’s Take:  Crack the whip means to get people to work.  I’m no longer in management because I could not crack the whip very well.  Let someone else be el jefe. Haha.  Here is a link to more info on today’s idiom. 

Now let’s tune into some Devo. 


13 thoughts on “C: Idiom of the Day ~ 4/3/21

  1. Quite short! 🙂 Just like the crack of a whip! Have you ever cracked a whip? It’s kind of fun – just make sure no one’s standing in front of you! You could cut through them like butter with a real whip. They’re kind of terrifying once you know that.

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