Thursday Thoughts ~ 3/18/21

More like Thursday tears. Not my tears but Lulu’s. Seeing your child in pain and knowing there is nothing you can do about it is heartbreaking. But this is not about me. I need to quit making it about me.

I miss my momma. She would want to hear our sad, sad tale. She’d have pearls of wisdom to share. Well daddy too. My parents were good at the advice game. B and I not even close. His parents … fuhgeddaboudit.

Poor Lulu feels all alone. Which technically she is … alone. But aren’t we all? Together alone. Ugh. Though she is not the only person in this situation. Sadly, unemployment is rampant. Yet I read articles about businesses having to beg people to work. Well where are those places? I hear the complaints about unreliable no show millennials who are self absorbed. I know a 20 something who would do anything to get her foot in the door.

B is calm and assured something will break. He says it has to because change is inevitable. Timing is everything. Until then the stress is soul crushing.

And that’s all she wrote on this Thursday. Lemme let ya go.

As always, more to come.