#FPQ 113 ~ 3/17/21

Long time listener, first time caller. Here is the pingback.

Have you gotten vaccinated for COVID-19 yet? If not, are you planning to? If you have, or are planning to, how do you think your life will change afterwards? If you’re not planning to get vaccinated, why not?

All four of us got the vaccine due to pre-existing chronic conditions. All for various reasons we qualified as 1B. Getting scheduled was quite the ordeal. We called a toll free number for days on end. Finally on 1/31/21 we got through, 50 minutes on hold and about an hour later we had appointments for the very next day. Then on March 1st we got round two. This means as of 3/15/21 we are at the highest efficacy. I have no idea what that means. I am just a parrot. Moderna was our poison of chance. No I don’t think it is a poison but I jest all the time.

We really didn’t think about should we? We lept at the chance. B works outside the home and could be exposed easier than Pony and I working from home. Lulu who is still looking for work would potentially be expanding her options for employment. All of us saw this as following the science to a chance to end this plague. Our life is already changing with a sense of precaution. We may even eat inside a restaurant again. Dare I dream that we might go to the movies? Little everyday things.

Not everyone believes. I read a very well written article today that was opposite of our position speaking of the unknown long term consequences of the rushed vaccine. This made me think we jumped too soon but then another article floated to the top of the leader board saying this vaccine was not rushed. That it was at least 10 years in the making. The technology part I mean.

All boils down to choice. Grateful to have one. Pretty sure I’d do it again because I think I’m that unique that if I got COVID it’d kill me. Yep Jilly is 2% special. Doubt I’d be in the 98% to survive. And if I did survive, I’d likely be a long hauler. It’s so damn fickle who lives and who doesn’t. One death is one too many and if the vaccine can stop people from dying, I’m all for it.


#1linerWeds. 3/17/21

Very true when Linda reminds us that nothing lasts forever. To join in to #1linerWeds., here are the rules and ping back. My entry follows:

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here is an Irish blessing: May your health be a priority and may your family be well.