Looking for Love ~ 3/14/21

I found it! LOVE that is.

Desperately seeking …

Hmm. WTF is she babbling on about?

A little help here?

Yep that is it! Looking for a little help here.

I did a retrospective look at every single post I posted in 2018, 2019, and 2020 to get some ideas but with due date looming (well not until the 20th but I am forever an early bird) I threw out my theme reveal of hodgepodge for this year on March 11th.  I have since had a change of heart thinking I could easily do musical groups/artists again with all new songs.  Or could I switch to movies titles/TV shows/books?  How about counties in Texas?  Yes! I considered Texas landmarks/trivia/useless info for a hot minute but that topic is too much work to research.  My style is stream baby. Ain’t nobody got time for that noise.  And by noise I mean research.

Then I stumbled across the double down with bonus challenges for 2021 on the #AtoZChallenge website. I ended up picking these two.

  • Ask the audience in March to give you prompts/ ideas for April – interaction challenge
  • Get your daily posts links on two or more social sites (Twitter, Facebook, Insta, Pin, etc) – social media challenge

So, … lay it on me. Any ideas? All are welcome. I will hodgepodge ramble through April anyway while I visit other blogs to bask in their glories. A highlight of my year y’all. Drop me a comment if you’re so inclined.

As always, more to come.


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