Thursday Thoughts ~ 3/4/21

Two days shy of a year ago everything changed. March 6, 2020 was a Friday. Lulu and the BF came home for Spring Break and never went back except to collect their belongings. I took the whole week off. We opted for a stay-cation deferring until summer a big trip to celebrate her pending graduation. Hindsight 20/20 (pun intended) we should’ve taken the trip. Of course if we had, we could’ve ended up as one of the first pandemic victims.

I got the call from my boss to continue staying home. Temporary precautions. Better safe than sorry. Blink then 90 plus percent of our 30k employee base are working from home. I’ll spare you the gory details of those initial Rona daze. Of shelters in place or a euphemism for shutdowns. A resurgence of the word quarantine. You’ve likely got plenty stories of your own.

In June 2020, a voluntary return to office (RTO) was piloted after lots of workplace changes were made. Then in October 2020, RTO was expanded. Official EMG back on site scheduled for March 1, 2021 with employees to follow was delayed until further notice. This despite our building earning the coveted WELL Health-Safety rating.

We got vaccinated as soon as we were eligible. Shot one on 2/1/21 and shot two on 3/1/21. We got excited as more and more doses became available. Cringing at the widely varied and often unorganized way of distribution. Sharing what we knew when we knew it. Encouraging others to sign up too. We hoped many others would want to get this voluntary vaccine. Ready to resume some normalcy when all was said and done. Then the blow comes and with less than 7% having received the shots, our Governor is opening up the state and ending the mask mandate. He’s saying all the right words claiming people know better and will do the right thing even without a mandate. My initial reaction to this news was shock. Then sadness. I’m not afraid though. Not anymore.

I can’t control anything but my own actions and reactions. Our bubble has decided to continue wearing our masks, social distancing, and washing our hands (in my case compulsively). We will fully support businesses who continue the precautions as well. We will vote with our feet and discontinue patronage of places who don’t. Again, it’s all we can control. As I write this post, the mantra of “you do you” rolls through my head.

Heaven help us come March 10.

As always more to come.

12 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts ~ 3/4/21

  1. Oh, Jill, sometimes I wonder about these governors. Ours has done a few stupid things as well but I am worried about you guys opening everything up. Still not done with the crazy politics yet.

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    1. The crazy continues … lol.

      Power to the people. Several business surprisingly are saying nope and keeping the precautions in place. Maybe that is how it always should have been. Let the people decide. I could be mis-quoting but something about your freedom ends where someone else’s begins.

      But I’ll keep doing I’m doing and otherwise let the stress float away.

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  2. Here in Ontario they are still maintaining different levels of lockdown. The vaccine distribution and who gets one when is still a conundrum for them LOL One type was ok for 80+ and that was given. Now they’re not sure if it’s ok for even 65+. I’ll be 70 this year. Then who should be allowed to vaccinate! Hospitals, Doctors offices, Pharmacies, clinics is slowing it down. I just stay safe, shop at my local once every two weeks (SAFELY) and sit here totally confused.
    Thank God for WP
    and the writing community.
    At least it keep me busy and amused.
    Take good care.

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    1. Lockdowns are hard. I read the most beautiful yet heartbreaking poem today written by someone feeling the pressures. He called it torture and unnatural. But what are we to do?

      Over here things vary widely by state. Hospitals and staff 1A went first but not individual doctors offices. Then special sites set up with express purpose to vaccinate people in 1B which is all 65+ and anyone 18+ with chronic condition. Pharmacies were just added this week. Expansion to teachers expected the week of 3/22.

      I feel the same about WP. It has kept me going that’s for sure. Best wishes to you as we continue to muddle through.

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  3. I’m deliberately uninformed, but what happens on March 10th? I’m glad you ‘dodged’ that bullet last year! I got the 1st shot yesterday and was told at the visit to continue to wear my mask and keep 6 feet even with the vaccine. I think your course of action is sensible and you’re absolutely correct…you can only control your own actions. Boycotting stores and merchants who think things are totally back to normal and therefore put people in danger is a great idea. When/if they do that here, I’ll be in that group of safe folk.

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    1. On March 10th our mask mandate here in Texas is lifted and businesses can go back to 100% capacity which means for many places no social distance. Of course businesses can and have decided to continue status quo continuing to require masks and limiting capacity. Some have announced a hybrid of requiring employees to still wear masks but simply encouraging/not requiring the general public to do the same.

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      1. I wondered if that were the event. How frightening. If they do that here in Utah, I’m going to start using the ‘phone in’ grocery ordering option and just stay home. Even being vaccinated, I won’t feel good about that. Take care!

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