Thursday Thoughts ~ 3/4/21

Two days shy of a year ago everything changed. March 6, 2020 was a Friday. Lulu and the BF came home for Spring Break and never went back except to collect their belongings. I took the whole week off. We opted for a stay-cation deferring until summer a big trip to celebrate her pending graduation. Hindsight 20/20 (pun intended) we should’ve taken the trip. Of course if we had, we could’ve ended up as one of the first pandemic victims.

I got the call from my boss to continue staying home. Temporary precautions. Better safe than sorry. Blink then 90 plus percent of our 30k employee base are working from home. I’ll spare you the gory details of those initial Rona daze. Of shelters in place or a euphemism for shutdowns. A resurgence of the word quarantine. You’ve likely got plenty stories of your own.

In June 2020, a voluntary return to office (RTO) was piloted after lots of workplace changes were made. Then in October 2020, RTO was expanded. Official EMG back on site scheduled for March 1, 2021 with employees to follow was delayed until further notice. This despite our building earning the coveted WELL Health-Safety rating.

We got vaccinated as soon as we were eligible. Shot one on 2/1/21 and shot two on 3/1/21. We got excited as more and more doses became available. Cringing at the widely varied and often unorganized way of distribution. Sharing what we knew when we knew it. Encouraging others to sign up too. We hoped many others would want to get this voluntary vaccine. Ready to resume some normalcy when all was said and done. Then the blow comes and with less than 7% having received the shots, our Governor is opening up the state and ending the mask mandate. He’s saying all the right words claiming people know better and will do the right thing even without a mandate. My initial reaction to this news was shock. Then sadness. I’m not afraid though. Not anymore.

I can’t control anything but my own actions and reactions. Our bubble has decided to continue wearing our masks, social distancing, and washing our hands (in my case compulsively). We will fully support businesses who continue the precautions as well. We will vote with our feet and discontinue patronage of places who don’t. Again, it’s all we can control. As I write this post, the mantra of “you do you” rolls through my head.

Heaven help us come March 10.

As always more to come.