Share Your World ~ 3/2/21

Melanie, our all time favorite #SYW host, has some good questions for us this week. Cyranny’s contribution is particularly thought provoking. If you’d like to join in and/or read the other entries, here are the rules and ping back.


Is every piece of truth worth telling?   (credit to the magnificent Cyranny for this one) Absolutely unequivocally not!!!!!! I used to think the opposite. I wanted to know the truth! Tell me everything!! After all honesty is the best policy. Isn’t it? Of course it is. But and it’s a BIG but, not disclosing something isn’t the same as being dishonest. My current preference is tell me on a need to know basis only. I recently found out something I could have gone my whole life not knowing. Now I am wrapped around the axle of judgment. Forgiveness is hard y’all and some sins are not mine to forgive. Like in A Few Good Men “You can’t handle the truth!” lalalala she said hands over her ears.

Whom do you miss more Freddy Mercury or Prince?  (if you don’t know who those people are, just skip this question.  It’s cool). I cannot choose. Both! One of my best vacations ever was visiting Paisley Park. Minnesota is beautiful anyway. Then touring through Prince’s personal space was a bucket list item for sure.

If you could only email or text people for the rest of your life (no other form of communication), which would you chose?  Text. Specifically “talk-to-text”

Would you prefer to work the midnight shift at a really creepy out of the way motel OR work alone for eternity? Neither sound good to me but I guess alone because I don’t do midnight or creepy motel very well.

Bonus question because yes, these are a weird bunch this week:   What’s one secret you’re still keeping from your immediate family? (no details required.  You could say something like “The lost weekend in 1982”.  You can also answer “Why I NEVER keep secrets from my nearest and dearest!”). See #1 above, I have only recently learned that keeping a few things to yourself might not be such a bad thing. For most of my life, I was an oversharing lil sis without any secrets. All my cards out on the table. Though I admit you never really know what one is capable of … myself included.

GRATITUDE SECTION (always optional)

Please feel free to share something uplifting that you’ve experienced so far in 2021. Yesterday we got dose two of the Moderna vaccine. Having chronic conditions paid off placing us in 1B. And with the increased supply and more distribution points, maybe we get some traction in getting the shot to everyone who wants one.

10 thoughts on “Share Your World ~ 3/2/21

  1. Good answers and congratulations on getting your two jabs! We are fully vaccinated too, and I know we’re lucky because some of my elderly friends are still having trouble getting appointments. I too used to be an “oversharing lil sis” – my life was an open book. I hope that now I am more circumspect. Still, it wasn’t easy coming up with an answer to that question!

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  2. Thanks, Jilly for Sharing Your World! Congratulations on the vaccine! I’ve got to sign up to get mine, and I keep forgetting to get the danged website address out to do that. Thanks for the reminder! ☺ Have a wonderful week!

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