#SoCS ~ 2/27/21

Here we go again. Yeah buddy! Time for #SoCS where the lovely Linda writes and I re-write Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “-sty.” Find a word that ends in “-sty” or use the word “sty.” Enjoy!

If you’d like to come along on this ride and see where the stream flows, here are your rules and ping back.

Hmm. Sty. Think, think, and think.

I have sty in my little eye.

I think that was a poem or nursery rhyme or I am #MSU = making stuff up. Mostly likely creating fiction. I have never ever had a sty. I wear glasses for a while now. In addition to my vision issues, I have allergy eyes that water like crazy but there are drops for that. OTC = over the counter not the crazy expensive prescription drops my eye doctor wanted me to use. Though where eyes are concerned, spare no expense. Fortunately the OTC is RX strength and was formerly prescription only. Funny how that works some times.

Oh wait! I remember now. I was originally thinking of I SPY with my little eye … something BLUE!

As a kid, I remember playing eye spy on every road trip. What a great way to keep the gang occupied. To keep us from getting testy or pesty or angsty or feisty or any other of the assorted sty ending words which mean irritated with having to sit in a car (in my case on the hump or the way, way back) for hours on end.

I have to wonder if kids these days even know what “the hump” is? Or the way, way back? Probably not. Like lots of things, those went the way of the dinosaur. Some times that’s a travesty but other times that brings the majesty of improving upon technology.

Alrighty fine folks. I have exhausted my use of sty. Here in a bit, I’m off to a stress filled Saturday of errands like I have not had in a long time. Fill up the tank, curb-side, post office, store return. Wish me luck.

As always, more to come.

22 thoughts on “#SoCS ~ 2/27/21

  1. By the “way, way back,” do you mean the very back seat of a station wagon, that faced out the back window? I always wanted my folks to buy a station wagon so I could sit back there.

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  2. I Spy was the best way to pass time ever. Worked for me when I was little, worked for my kids too. Every once in a while they’ll still pull it out just to kill some time.

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    1. Thanks John! Back and almost everything checked off the list. The post office was way too crowded to stay. I got my certificate of mail slip to fill out at home and I’ll go back on an off time when the crowd is not out the door.

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  3. When you mentioned the hump. all I could come up with was a camel, but after reading the other responses, I know it is the part in the back seat where the transmission linkage went to the rear wheels.

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      1. I am certain that it was used for getting something connected from the front of the car to the back and I think the exhaust line ran from the engine to the tail pipe, so maybe that was it.

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  4. I do remember the “hump,” Jill. One place you never wanted to sit.
    Have a great Saturday and I hope your excursion goes well. Treat yourself to something fun to eat or take a nap when you get home.

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