Saturday Reflections ~ 2/27/21

I reflect on Thursdays, sometimes Fridays, and every Sunday but today I decided to reflect on a Saturday. Actually this might be more of a ramble than a reflection.  I have COVID grief y’all. Maybe its own health crisis!! See this post by M. Oniker.

We’re exhausted y’all. Seriously. My dear workmate said the same thing as we met over Zoom yesterday … something is off. This week sucked. Even worse than Snowmageddon the week before.

My guess is that subsciously we feel a life altering anniversary sneakily approaching.  Almost one year ago to the day … 3/6/2020 – 3/6/2021, Spring Break.  How’s that for remembering the dash! And this dash wasn’t a well lived life but a year that felt like forever in a dream.

Lulu had taken midterms, heading home with the BF. We planned a staycation opting instead to take a better vacation for her graduation. Hindsight 20/20, we shouldn’t have waited.  Of course, we could’ve ended up as some of Rona’s first victims. Recently a friend told me she and the hubby got “it” during Spring Break 2020 in NOLA. They never said anything to anyone.  Simply quarantined at home until better.

We really didn’t understand a lot at the beginning. Masks work, don’t work, and then work again. Wash your groceries, now that’s silly. Oh-M-Gee.

I got the call to stay put.  No need to go back to the office as a temporary precaution. Better safe than sorry. Then blink!  Almost 95% of our workforce is working from home.

Will we ever go back?  In the last all-in meeting, our CEO announced instead of extending dates, he’ll just say until further notice. He gave assurances if we don’t feel safe, no one will be forced. Meanwhile our building has won awards for COVID safety and seems to be primed for more occupants once again.

Why do I think we’ll go back voluntarily in somewhat short order? Cuz ya know, the vaccine is here. Yeah buddy! We got our first dose.  Part two comes Monday. I feel safer already. Of course we still mask it up, distance, and wash our hands in sublime warm & soapy water.  I was a hand washer before.  That part is right up my alley.

Sadly, we only hear the worst of the worst. In reality, 2885 deaths out of 2 million Bexar county residents is very small. But for those whose loved ones died, there is little consolation.  One avoidable death is one too many.

This week I can add three more names to the list.  Which is probably the real reason this week sucked.  Losing all three in such a short span was shocking.  COVID is “by name” REAL not “anonymous never gonna kill me or my family” real. 

For the families who lost their loved ones, may their memories be a blessing. Let the perpetual light shine upon them. QEPD!

As always, more to come.

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