Sunday Reflections: A Week in Review

The feature image has never been more fitting I tell ya what!!!! The crazy started on Valentines Day 2021 or Valentines night. I stayed up late because I had the next day off. Pony walked in and tells me to look outside, it is snowing. I said eff this shit and went to bed. We woke up to 4 inches of snow, blanketing our almost 5 acres, setting the most picturesque winter wonderland. Pony had to work, virtual since March 2020 and covering for co-workers with ice skating rink living rooms and other assorted issues. B and Lulu took out the Polaris and had a day playing in the snow. I took a few pictures from indoors but mainly I read my book. What a nice way to spend my day!!

The weatherman was not exactly right. There was no immediate warm up. Sunday night/Monday snow stayed around as we hit single digit temps and stayed in the 20s before warming up some on Wednesday. Then again on Thursday, it snowed almost the entire day. Less coverage than that first snow, the grass continued to peek through. Friday with the exception of the north side right up on the porch everything was melted. Saturday got up to 64 degrees. Yay buddy!!

We didn’t experience the rolling blackouts that roamed the city and we had water that first day. By Tuesday, the water was out. Calling San Antonio Water System (SAWS) trying to get answers and being told “It’s a homeowners issue to have frozen pipes” (our pipes never froze) and/or being hung up on. Eventually learning through neighborhood sneakernet that the pump station servicing our area was offline.

SAWS pointed fingers at City Public Service (CPS) who pointed at the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). But I won’t get into the political nature of how what happened could happen. Two sides to every story (or three+ sides to every story). Or maybe I will … a tad bit. Give my two cents … now that the worst is over and I can be somewhat rational.

I don’t blame anyone. If pushed to name someone, then I blame Mother Nature. Who as an inanimate cannot truly be blamed. Back to no one. CPS for us anyway was a hero. Not once did we lose power. Not even a blip. I am sad and do not make light for all who did. Heartbreaking devastation!!! But damn those CPS workers soldiered on working to get everyone back to full power. Spectrum our ISP also never failed us. Such a shock considering all our issues pre-storm. AT&T kept the cell phones going. ERCOT who I had never even heard of before this storm are greedy fucking bastards in my opinion. Yet I have to ask what big businesses aren’t? We are a capitalist society. America, she has been very very good to me. Am I part of the problem? Now that’s a story for another day.

Not investing in infrastructure for an uncertain 1 in 100 year storm is somewhat understandable. Dare I say prudent? Nope? Too far. Yep! Too far. “They” whoever “they” are saying we’d be paying more for those infrastructure improvements over the 99 years of no need passing cost down to future generations. Supposedly in the long run the cost of this event is less than the improvements would have been. Why shell out all that cash for a one time use? If you can “believe” them.

Bottom line is they gambled and WE lost while some greedy mo-fos (two) who are not even residents of this great state made out like bandits. Now the shit hit the fan and at least 47 people are dead. We may not know the total death toll for a while as bodies are eventually found. That is horrific and unimaginable to me.

Through this all I am grateful. I will never take flushing a toilet or taking a shower for granted ever again. We were spared from the worst. Yes we didn’t have running water for 3 1/2 days but we had melted snow bucket water, gifted hose water, and bottled water. We continued to have our dinner time meal. We had heat (thanks to our freshly filled propane tank, they came to fill last Sunday afternoon) which we kept at 62 degrees, layering up in solidarity for those faring much much worse. B was in constant survival mode making sure we (and his parents) had everything we needed.

Now after all my blustering, here is the roll call.

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And end scene!

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections: A Week in Review

  1. Glad you made it through to the other side, hopefully. Hate that there is so much of the blame game politics going on. Can’t we all just help each other? Happy Sunday and here’s to a better week!

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    1. In this crisis we saw a lot of that too. People helping people. It doesn’t make the headlines as often though. H‑E‑B for example let people walk out with whatever was in their carts when power went out in one the the stores. Free food, so it didn’t go to waste. More examples like that were simply heartwarming 💕

      Happy Sunday to you too Janet! This week is already way better 😊

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  2. Great wrap-up of an awful week, Jill. We all have to remember that our energy’s deregulated state was an on-purpose move supported by the people. Not having to cut back on our airconditioning to help out places like New York was why Texas left the national grid. Up to now, we had enjoyed the best power source when it really counted in the summer. I like the mother nature call-out. This was a once-in-a-hundred-year situation, and no matter how political it gets, we all have to remember that. Like you, I don’t want to downplay the tragedies that occurred and somehow hope improvements will keep those from happening. Good job, Jill

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    1. Thanks John! From all I’ve read to this point my opinion isn’t the popular one. I’m just tired of all the spin. The blame game doesn’t look pretty on anyone.

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