Meanwhile Somewhere in Texas ~ 2/18/21

Because we all need some levity. Things you never thought you’d hear. Maybe it’s just me but this was funny 😁

Picture of pitcher in snow ❄️ with caption: Cooling the boiled water to drink.

Me to Cousin: Stay safe!

Friend of Cousin: Do you not have water?

Cousin: Nope

Another Friend: Yes you do

Cousin: It’s sketchy

Different Friend: Melting snow ❄️ to shit

Cousin: No comment crazy ass!!!

Another Friend: I’m using empty kitty 🐈‍⬛ litter buckets 🪣 filled with snow ❄️ to melt for flushing.

Different Friend: Exactly same thing I’m doing. I knew those buckets 🪣 would come in handy one day.

Yet Another Friend: You guys ok?

Cousin: I’m in Texas, far from ok !

End Scene. Filed under “You can’t make this stuff up”.

7 thoughts on “Meanwhile Somewhere in Texas ~ 2/18/21

  1. You are so right Jilly fact and the moment is worse than fiction. I saw a similar conversation between our two older sons on what’sapp, about golf, cycling and polo on bikes followed by how left handers are discriminated against…they are both left handers ! And barking mad!💜

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  2. Yes, that’s true! It’s full on cra cra here right now! Now we are under water conservation boil water notice here in NRH. I can’t wait for my husband to get home from work (late mind you) so I can ask if that means absolutely no water running at all or what. So we are supposed to use bottled water to wash dishes, clothes, and ourselves? It’s not about bacteria, there’s none of that according to NRHPD. It’s only conservative measures because we will supposedly run out if everyone doesn’t comply.

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    1. Oh wow. Ours was boil to drink recommended due to “abundance of caution”. Ok to wash and otherwise use the water just don’t swallow any. We figuring better safe than sorry. They’ve said nothing about conservation.

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      1. That’s the wording our PD said too. But my neighbor said they are scared if everyone doesn’t comply, we could run out of water in 48 hrs! 😱Dont know if I believe that or not, but better to be safe than sorry…something my oldest just doesn’t get.

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