#WDIIA ~ 2/4/21

What day is it anyway? Are we doing that any more? Nope. 🤔 Well that’s me though. A day late and a dollar short. Ugh!

This week kicked my ass and it ain’t over yet. I’ve had an insane schedule. I’m exhausted.

But first the good news. In quite spur of the moment in a very hurry up and wait fashion, we got in for the Covid vaccine. We played the scheduler phone call lottery and won! We qualified under 1B since all four of us have chronic conditions. Even the kids. We’re a sickly lot. Bad genes 🧬

I’ve been busy as a bee 🐝 at work and to fit it all in, I worked very odd hours because this was an appointment laden week including the additional unplanned kick Covid to the curb party. And me with my quirks on timeliness would rather schedule one appointment a day over four days than to stack the four into one day and knock things out with one shot. (Pun intended).

Today is an actual day off though which is why I have time to blog. Previously scheduled and dammit I needed it. Though I’m multitasking and never really disconnected from the job. But that part is on me.

Right now I’m waiting for Lulu who is in a job interview. She’s back to applying for in person gigs and with one Rona shot under her belt, being outside our bubble isn’t as scary. The vaccine doesn’t remove the need to do all the masking and distancing anyway. And when we get shot two on March 1, it’ll be even better.

As always, more to come.

8 thoughts on “#WDIIA ~ 2/4/21

    1. I debated waiting but I do have chronic conditions and it is getting harder to self isolate. My work from home status is shaky as my ISP woes continue off and on. If I am forced to return to the office then I will be in a better position to do so. Not gonna lie, I felt a bit guilty. I definitely do not want to take a shot from someone who needs it. We did follow protocol to get our turn but maybe it’s the rules I have a hard time with.

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  1. Congratulations Jilly on getting the shot! I’ve read a lot of blogs here expressing frustration over that, and locally (here) it’s fairly scarce and hard to get too. I won’t qualify (even with my chronic conditions) until sometime early Summer or late Spring I bet (IF I do then). I’m sure not paying for it.

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    1. I understood there was no cost anywhere not just a Texas thing. When left to the states to decide, that sure leads to variety in handling. Even by city within the state. We’ve heard some are driving over 100 miles each way x 2 shots to travel to where the vaccine is available. I innocently assumed the “rules” were the same. 1A = first responders 1B = over 65 and 16 to 64 with chronic conditions then 1C = all others. Hopefully things will pick up some speed shortly.


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