Thursday Thoughts ~ 2/4/21

I have too much time on my hands. Which is why I am a workaholic. I work to keep from thinking. Of course I have to think to perform my job adequately but that kind of thinking is focused, logical, process oriented. I don’t truly care for idle time. When that happens my mind begins to wander down rabbit holes and the thinking takes on a warped quality.

With my day off today, I used my found idle time for something productive. I got some bills settled and had my appointment. Then I revamped this idea which was hatched back on 12/17/20, Thoughtful Thursday.

Can you believe 12/17/20 was not even two full months ago? Yet seems like forever.Β  But then I hear can you believe January is over? Time flies! Well I’m here to tell ya, time does whatever the hell she wants. Time like Hope is a fickle bitch! Or male equivalent of bitch. Ruff Ruff. Now what did I tell ya above? I’m wandering … down rabbit holes.

Oh ya, back to this self imposed task. I have a badge for this Thursday edition of my re-titled Thursday Thoughts. As much as I tried to justify Thoughtful Thursday, my steel trap mind only thinks of thoughtful as kindness. Oh how sweet of you to think of me kindness. I looked back at my handful of entries and my topics are just me reflecting, rambling, going down those bunny trails, not thoughtful or carefully considerate at all.

Okie dokie, without further ado, the unveiling of my feature image aka badge but not really a badge because the dimensions are all wrong …………..

Whadda ya think?

My shadow by our tree, sweater around waist and hands folded up by my face (not that the shadow shows that detail).

Whew! And that is all for now. I am sure not going to stay as late at the blog work as I stay at the day job. Signing off until maΓ±ana.

As always, more to come.

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