#JusJoJan “Candy” ~ 1/31/21

Look right HERE for Linda’s last entry along with the rules and ping back. This years #JusJoJan was exceptional. I loved all the fictional short stories. Linda has a gift 🎁 I’m telling you what!! For our swan song, we’re prompted with candy 🍭 🍬 ooooh sweetness

I’ve never met a candy that I didn’t like. Well maybe licorice but that’s about it. Everything else is delightful. Chocolate 🍫 is my favorite 😍 especially Reese’s 🥜 🧈 ☕️ ☕️ . Pretend there’s no coffee in those cups and I’ve given you my fave candy with emoticons.

The sour stuff is just ok. Except for green apple 🍏 jolly ranchers. Back in the good old days, I’d save up my returnable coke bottles (pop or soda to some) to get me some coin for penny candy. Those little jolly ranchers were my first pick. That and dubble bubble. Not candy but cost pennies also.

There was a jolly rancher fire 🔥 stick that tasted like cinnamon and was a little more expensive than a few pennies because it was bigger. Which reminds me of red hots! Oh my and what about Chick-o-sticks? Or Slow Pokes? Or Milk duds? Or Sugar Daddy? Or Sugar Babies? Haven’t had those in years. Now I want candy!!!

But, noooooo. I’ve got to be careful. Watch my sugar intake and calories. Back then I ate it all and walked it off. The good old days for more reasons than one.

Any who. I guess I’ve rambled on long enough. Lemme let ya go 😂.

As always more to come.

5 thoughts on “#JusJoJan “Candy” ~ 1/31/21

  1. I do like licorice, but only able to eat things like Twizzlers. Black licorice makes my heart race. I love it, but I just can’t (actually, my wife would kill me before the licorice). Milk Duds were a fav, until I got a crown 😦

    Reese’s rules!

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