#JusJoJan ~ 1/11/21

My daily contribution to #JusJoJan follows. Take a look here for the rules and ping back. C’mon in to join the festivities. Today’s prompt is letter.

Take a letter Maria

Send it to my wife


Ear worm!!

Not all ear worms are awful and I do, I do really like that song.

Sound a bit like Porky Pig or the Rooster. What was his name? Never mind, his cartoons were banned anyway. I think??

And why would I like a song about a cheating wife?!?!

Well probably because I don’t fully listen to the words. I am a famous mis-remembrer who is MSU = making stuff up. In the case ‘stuff’ is ‘word’. Mis-remember-er (noun) is not a word but there is a word for misremembering lyrics … MONDEGREEN!

Whew! Crazy. I think I thought it was Saturday. LOL.

To close this ramble, few people write letters anymore. We have so many other ways to communicate these days. Snail mail, long hand writing could go the way of the dinosaur. And the dictionary is changing. Only a matter of time before shorthand from text messages is documented in ye ole Merriam Webster’s. Heck maybe it is already???

Makes me glad I was born when I was born. I know how to write a proper letter. Salutations dear ones. Until tomorrow.

As always, more to come.

14 thoughts on “#JusJoJan ~ 1/11/21

  1. That song sure has a good beat. It’s nice that Maria was available so soon, though it reinforces what my lawyer said about how women grieve and men replace. Yeah, that song has a good beat.

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