Thoughtful Thursday ~ 1/7/21

On this day one year ago, I began my walking regime in earnest. I had been back at the home office from my beloved Riverwalk since September-ish. Despite the home office rivalling the size of the Pentagon. I got surprisingly few steps. Parking garage to my cubicle and back. And while I sometimes took advantage of the flexible workspace, my step count never quite hit the mark.

New year, new start even though I’m not a believer of New Year’s resolutions. Instead I believe you turn that new leaf on any given day. And when you break, you start over. No time like the present or some such wisdom.

I also started showering at night again, just like a kid taking a bath before bed. That helped me sleep better too as bonus. I did this so I could leave for work at the crack of dawn to get there by 6 am and walk my full hour to get plugged in by 7 am. I did this five days a week until March 2020 when I went on Spring Break, never to return again. Well maybe not never but not yet.

In order to keep some semblance of normal, I continued walking around the property. I did pretty good too with hitting the golden ticket of 10K steps a day!! Lulu walked with me being banished to online learning in her final semester of college. We kept this routine until October-ish when the proverbial sH!t hit the fan. I have not written about the bad stuff yet mainly because we are still in the thick of it. Yeah buddy! Life keeps on giving.

And tomorrow I have my doctors appointment. I will follow her advice and I will take any damn test she wants me to take and I’ll try the meds too. God help me.

As always, more to come.

11 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday ~ 1/7/21

  1. I’m not sure if you’re as old as me, but I was gonna say, maybe at our age we shouldn’t worry about the long-term effects of getting a vaccine that we know nothing about and just take the damn thing… but then again, maybe not. Me? I don’t even take a flu shot anymore.

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    1. I have taken the flu shot every year since 1988. B was working out of town and Pony & I were all alone. Pony was only 5 months old when I got the flu so bad I took him to mom’s to stay while I convalesced. I told myself never again so that next season I got the shot. In 32 years, I have had the flu only twice despite the shot but both times milder than 1988. I’m a firm believer. Or crazy. Haha. Maybe both.

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