#JusJoJan ~ 1/3/21

How cool is this?

What are you talkin ’bout Jilly?

Ima talkin ’bout the new way of playing #JusJoJan!

Very cool is the correct answer.

You’re showing your age with that one. No one says “cool” anymore. And don’t add the beans to cool because that is even less hip.

Enough bantering, let’s go. After reading the story of Petra with the cliffhanger pending for Tuesday, I am excited. As always, more to come folks. Linda is making us wait. In the meantime servant is the prompt.

Petra sounds a bit like Cinderella. And Cheryl wrote about Cinderella yesterday. Here is a rather long wiki about Cinderella should perusing it strike your fancy. I think I like the Brothers Grimm version the best with Cinderella visiting the weeping tree planted near her mother’s grave. I like the idea of getting strength from the memory of a departed loved one over the fictional fairy godmother.

There are usually themes that intertwine in the stories of my mind. I’ve come to realize my life is all about MSU = making stuff up. Not necessarily lies per se but conjuring up the perception of how things are which becomes my reality. Trippy man, trippy. I used to say I was born late. Maybe a decade behind.

Okay back to servant. The first thing I thought of was work. Ugh! I know I’m not at work but somehow the work stuff is always there in the recesses of my mind waiting to spring forth. I thought of the term servant leadership which is actually a very positive thing. And I am blessed to have had many a servant leader in my day. The kind that inspire you and make you want to do better. Of course people pleaser Jilly comes by wanting to do better all on her own.

To join in the fun and frolics that is #JusJoJan, here are the rules and ping back.

15 thoughts on “#JusJoJan ~ 1/3/21

  1. Jill, I just have to comment to the “cool beans” part, even though I resisted before. I picked up the phrase from a coworker back in the 90s. She was from Ohio. I had never heard the phrase before, and I never heard anyone else say it. Then when I moved to DC in 2008, I said it to my upper exec boss (who unfortunately left soon after) and he said “Hey, that’s my phrase!” LOL I was tickled pink to be around someone else who said it (don’t know where he was from). So my reply to his cool beans was “frigid frijoles.”

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    1. lol! frigid frijoles it is!! I too have no idea where “cool beans” comes from I just know the kids tease me that cool or cool beans confirms I am past 50. Which I am so that should be ok πŸ™‚

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  2. “Cool beans” is always welcome around me. The last person who told me “cool” wasn’t cool was a coworker, I told him that I was cool when cool was cool and he should shut-up and wait for the day he’s wishing he was cool.

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