Share Your World ~ 12/29/20

We’re back in the saddle again. Melanie has given us some New Years themed questions. Let’s get this party started.


Pick three words to describe this past year.   (please keep them PG. Thanks). Historical, inspirational, and awful.

What were the best books you read this year?   Or the best movie you saw?  I had a dry spell on reading when we first went into lockdown. I could not keep a thought in my head and words jumped off the page. I would read the same sentence or paragraph repeatedly and nothing stuck. Thankfully I could read short snippets like blog posts and work stuff but reading full on cover to cover books was a challenge.

All that said, I managed to read 15 books in 2020. My favorites were a tie – Eternal Road: The final stop by John W Howell and Hullaba Lulu: a Dieselpunk Adventure by Teagan Geneviene. Pick ’em up and take a look. You’ll be glad you did.

In my opinion, the best movie bar none was Hamilton. Disney+ released the recording of the Broadway musical with the original cast. Cue music … How does a bastard, orphan, son of a … I signed up for Disney+ for the sole reason of seeing Hamilton. And now I get to see Soul. Word on the street is Pixar hit a home run. Oscars are expected. Watching that is our New Years Day plan.

Because there was lots of time for looking inward, what is one big personal lesson you learned this past year? “You’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem”. Christopher Robin to Jilly originally said to Pooh. I can’t imagine how I’d have done with littles in school while trying to work. I know it’s not a contest but speaking for myself, I had it easy.

Do you think Covid has strengthened or weakened societal bonds? Both and/or it depends. Dearly beloved, there are no absolutes in this thing called life (sort of ripping off Prince). People have had to improvise. They rose to the challenge and found new ways to stay connected. Is it perfect or one size fits all? Nope but it is something. And it’s not over yet. Society will find a way to continue to evolve. Doesn’t it always?

GRATITUDE SECTION (Optional of course):

What is a New Year’s Wish You’d Like To Share With the World? My forever wish is that everyone finds peace and contentment but hook or by crook in every nook and cranny. How’s that for combining idioms? Good times I tell ya 🙂

As always, more to come.