Sunday Reflections ~ 12/27/20

Ah we made it to the last Sunday of 2020. Hip, Hip, Hurray!! All the memes out there be harshing on poor ole 2020. Nothing like misdirected irritation/anger huh? As if 2020 (the calendar days) had anything to do with the pandemic.

But we humans find the need the blame. To point fingers. Or maybe not to blame really but find the truth! YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! you few good men & woman. Our species NEEDS to know WHY? For what reason did this travesty have to happen? Just me? Perhaps.

Instead I try to “shake it off” ala Taylor Swift. Curiosity killed Schrodinger’s cat. Do NOT look into that box. Now where was that thought yesterday during stream? I wasn’t thinking about the bad stuff then, when I let loose on #SoCS. And it’s Jilly so surely I jest. As I always do. Not shake it off but laugh it off or try my damned best stop thinking!!!!! How’s all this for waxing philosophical?

I’ve got so many pent up stories inside me from just this week alone. I’m holding back for my sake though. I need to give myself time.

For what?

Well to compose myself so that I can write with a logical flow. Right now my thoughts are all AAAHAHAHHAHAAAHHHHHHHHH! *(!&#(UDIUAD *^D&^AYD(.

See? Nonsense.

Instead I am reading self help and slipping deeper into it whatever the eff it is?!?!? Which is exactly what my former therapist told me not to do. Well she didn’t tell me what to do, she asked some questions which lead me to the conclusion that I don’t need to research every fool thing and if reading non-fiction flips my lid well then don’t read non-fiction. When I do that I become overwhelmed with a feeling that someone else cracked the code and if I just do what they did I too will be saved. Hogwash!

What’s good for the goose is only good for the goose. This gander aka Jilly needs to come up with her own plan. In the same way Lulu needs to develop her own plan too. And Pony for that matter and even B. Life’s messy, clean it up.

Whew! That felt fantastic. And now to the real reason we are here today, last week’s roll call.

#SLS ~ 12/20/20

Haiku – 12/21/20 ~ Open and Solace

Share Your World ~ 12/22/20

I had to …

#1linerWeds. 12/23/20

Thoughtful Thursday ~ 12/24/20

#WATWB ~ 12/25/20

#SoCS ~ 12/26/20

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

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