#SoCS ~ 12/26/20

Howdy y’all. Time once again for #SoCS. Linda writes and I rewrite “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “box.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!” To play along, here are the Rules and Ping Back .

Box 📦. Hmm 🧐. Think, think, and think 💭. Well let’s see. We recycle ♻️ all our boxes 📦📦. We’ve got so much recycling ♻️ these days that we pay 💰 for a second bin. But what more could I say about that? Nothing.

Moving along. Box 📦, fox 🦊, Sox as in Red or White. A former mentor of mine hails from Boston. For one of his milestone birthdays 🥳 we all wore red shirts and Red Sox name tags. Even though he already knew our names. That was fun 🤩. The good 😌 ole days when we worked in the office. But I’m not turning this into a lamenting over covid stream. Sox begone. The prompt is box 📦 anyway.

🧊 📦 the symbols for icebox a term we used despite never having one. I only remember having a refrigerator. Though both parents grew up with iceboxes. They still sold block ice when I was a kid though. Various uses outside keeping your food cool.

To think at one point in our history working for an ice 🧊 company was a sustainable way to make a living. Maybe it still is? But more efficient and less labor. No trucks 🛻 driving around to deliver ice. Weird to remember jobs of the past now obsolete or repurposed. Groovy man. Back to task.

Box 📦. Any way I want. Which I guess I’ve accomplished. Kinda, sorta, maybe 🤔. I’m not really done ✔️ though. I’m such a chatterBOX today. Yackity-yack don’t talk back. Woolly Bully. Oh who am I kidding? I’m a chatterbox everyday. All day. Blah, blah, blah 😑. Hehe 🙃

And to think 💭 I almost wrote about hot 🥵 box 📦 but I don’t now and never have partook in that practice. Me and maryjane are strangers. Unless you mean hot 🥵 box 📦 as the softball 🥎 baseball ⚾️ term. And in those situations I was usually if not always tagged 🏷 out.

And that’s all she wrote. All outta stream. Hope your day is pleasant. What the world 🌎 needs now is a little more of that.

As always more to come.

21 thoughts on “#SoCS ~ 12/26/20

  1. My husband’s father met his mother when she was a waitress and he was the ‘ice man’. He went on to be head maintenance supervisor at the Falstaff brewery in Galveston, Tx. Lots ‘o boxes there too I’m sure!

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    1. Oh how cool! And a blast from the past. Falstaff was usually in my parent’s garage refrigerator that held nothing but beer. haha. My uncle lived in Galveston and we visited him often. The seawall was a fun place to explore. The good ole days …

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      1. Yes! Crabbing on the jetties was fun. We lived there for a short while when my children were young. I love the library and the old cemetery. We took the kids to the island to collect seashells. My third son loved to ride the ferry and feed the seagulls!

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  2. My grandmother had an icebox before I was born. When the new electric refrigeration was invented, the icebox got put out in the smoke house. Yes, a real smokehouse where they hung their varment for drying and smoking. It was country living in a small town in Texas. I think I just did my own SoCS there. LOL! 🙂

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  3. That you have to buy a second bin because you are doing such a great job at recycling strikes me as very wrong. They need to make bigger bins! My recycle bin/cart is bigger than my trash bin/cart, but they only collect recycling every other week…..

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  4. In our neighborhood, we had a large vending machine where you could either get bags of ice or blocks. The blocks were good if you had a washtub full of bottles or cans of beer. At least that’s what I remember, though you’d think cubes might be better…

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    1. We always got block when we went camping. It supposedly lasted longer. I just remember being careful with the ice pick and usually someone else taking over for me when I wanted ice in a cup. Now we don’t even own an ice pick.

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    1. I have the vaguest memories of a place called Lone Star ice and the big trucks going in and out. They sold door to door if memory serves. Or I’m misremembering something I was told. That sounds like the 40s not the 70s 😂


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