#SoCS ~ 12/26/20

Howdy y’all. Time once again for #SoCS. Linda writes and I rewrite “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “box.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!” To play along, here are the Rules and Ping Back .

Box 📦. Hmm 🧐. Think, think, and think 💭. Well let’s see. We recycle ♻️ all our boxes 📦📦. We’ve got so much recycling ♻️ these days that we pay 💰 for a second bin. But what more could I say about that? Nothing.

Moving along. Box 📦, fox 🦊, Sox as in Red or White. A former mentor of mine hails from Boston. For one of his milestone birthdays 🥳 we all wore red shirts and Red Sox name tags. Even though he already knew our names. That was fun 🤩. The good 😌 ole days when we worked in the office. But I’m not turning this into a lamenting over covid stream. Sox begone. The prompt is box 📦 anyway.

🧊 📦 the symbols for icebox a term we used despite never having one. I only remember having a refrigerator. Though both parents grew up with iceboxes. They still sold block ice when I was a kid though. Various uses outside keeping your food cool.

To think at one point in our history working for an ice 🧊 company was a sustainable way to make a living. Maybe it still is? But more efficient and less labor. No trucks 🛻 driving around to deliver ice. Weird to remember jobs of the past now obsolete or repurposed. Groovy man. Back to task.

Box 📦. Any way I want. Which I guess I’ve accomplished. Kinda, sorta, maybe 🤔. I’m not really done ✔️ though. I’m such a chatterBOX today. Yackity-yack don’t talk back. Woolly Bully. Oh who am I kidding? I’m a chatterbox everyday. All day. Blah, blah, blah 😑. Hehe 🙃

And to think 💭 I almost wrote about hot 🥵 box 📦 but I don’t now and never have partook in that practice. Me and maryjane are strangers. Unless you mean hot 🥵 box 📦 as the softball 🥎 baseball ⚾️ term. And in those situations I was usually if not always tagged 🏷 out.

And that’s all she wrote. All outta stream. Hope your day is pleasant. What the world 🌎 needs now is a little more of that.

As always more to come.