Thoughtful Thursday ~ 12/24/20

Our Christmas Eve will be spent socially distanced at the in-laws. We are walking over, down the lane that connects our two properties. Only six people. That number was almost going to be five as I threatened a boycott. Not for any other reason than my anxiety. I’m sure the Rona is going to get me.

Their house has an open floor plan. We’re sitting more than six feet apart. I’ll keep my mask on since one can never be too careful.

I’d say this gathering isn’t worth the extra precaution. That perhaps we should just skip. But we’re going for it since tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Which is sort of a conundrum in the context of COVID. People going for it without a care in the world kinda contributes to the problem. But we will follow all the rules and then add some of our own.

I already have my seat picked out. Back to the wall. In a corner by the backdoor. Hand sanitizer ever at the ready :).

Wishing folks a blessed day.

21 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday ~ 12/24/20

      1. Me too! Apple has this new way of FaceTime like a zoom call. On Christmas, we had all three of my kids and my sister on a FT call at once. It was so COOL! Next best thing to being there. Missing the hugs though. 🙂

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  1. The virus hit us, fortunately not too hard and so far only one of us (the hubs). We are waiting until New Year’s Eve to be together, even just the five of us. Crazy times. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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    1. Oh no! Hope the hubs is in the mend. It’s so weird how different people are affected differently. Asymptotic to the opposite extreme and all the in between. Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 to you and yours too. Cheers to a brand new year!

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  2. We had to cancel all our plans as they moved London into Tier 4 at the weekend. That means no visiting family at all. The rest of the UK are just allowed tomorrow but still have number restrictions – three households in England, two households in Wales, I am not sure how many in Scotland but I know they are not to cross the border.

    We are complying of course, but you would be amazed at how many people are just ignoring the rules. This virus is just going to go on and on with so many ignoring what has been asked of them.

    But these restrictions have been hard, I think that when it is legal to gather with your family – go for it! Even being in the same room, wearing facemasks, six feet apart is better than being told not to see them at all. Make the most of it while you can.

    We are waiting to see what happens with the new variant that is here. Hope it does not spread.

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    1. That’s so scary to me. I heard about Tier 4 but didn’t know what that meant. Our restrictions vary widely by state and I believe only New Mexico has “closed” their borders. Texas is like the Wild West. Our city government is at odds with the governor and we’re about to reduce to 50% business occupancy from 75% whatever that means.

      People ignore the warnings here too and contribute to the continued plague. Unimaginable but it’s happening right before our eyes. The new variant has made an appearance here too. I’ve not read a whole lot about it but someone said the vaccine works against it. Thing is it’s a race against time. Needing the vaccine before being exposed. Ugh. No good answers just more fear. Speaking for myself.

      Wishing you peace and comfort. Cheers to better days.


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